Avery Dennison Identification Solutions Products

Monarch Intelligent Logistics Solutions

With a combination of IoT Devices, Applications, Identification Solutions, and Best-in-Class Services, our full suite of Intelligent Logistics Solutions is designed to:

  • Increase Labor Efficiency

  • Heighten Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

  • Accelerate Speed of overall product movement 

  • Maximize Truck Load and Routing Optimization

  • Improve Sustainability Measures

Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions

Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions can help define your requirements and develop solutions that will ensure your product is safe for consumption, in compliance with regulations, and trusted by the consumer. 

We can show you how to "future-proof" your operations to quickly and easily adapt to the ever-changing world of the food supply chain.  Our solutions enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the food industry supply chain.


Printers and RFID Solutions

Our handheld, portable, tabletop, and RFID printers and supplies are designed to meet the specific needs and compliance requirements of wide-ranging industries, including manufacturing, distribution center, and store-level applications. Our built-for-purpose solutions help save businesses time and money, while elevating the consumer experience.

Supplies Solutions

Avery Dennison creates cost-effective and innovative stock and custom labels and tags that are built to work in a variety of industries and environments.

Our team of expert supplies engineers and technicians work closely with customers to provide comprehensive solution sets that meet their unique application.

Swiftach® Fastening System

The first of its kind, Swiftach® tools feature an innovative, unexposed, and retractable needle that ensures almost zero contact with needle tips when attaching brand messaging, price, size, or other product tags, or during needle replacement. These hard-working handheld fasteners also boast a non-slip grip and come available in standard and fine fabric versions.

Our Industry Solutions

No matter your industry–food service, retail, manufacturing, or logistics–our innovative, intelligent, and sustainable labeling, printing, and fastening products and services will elevate your brand and accelerate your supply chain performance.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Avery Dennison is one of the world's leading coating and converting companies and guarantees the quality of its products and services. We are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction at all times, and we continually strive to improve the quality of our products, services and processes for the benefit of our customers.

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