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Monarch® ADTP™2 EcoCut Solution

Built to Maximize Efficiencies



One Printer, one label roll, multiple length labels: The ADTP™2 EcoCut Solution is a labeling solution that produces variable length logistics labels. It uses one continuous label roll in combination with a new, proprietary innovative printer cutting mechanism allowing the user to choose the exact length and quantity of labels they need, on demand. This new solution eliminates waste, resulting in:

  • significant cost savings
  • increased productivity
  • improved sustainability
ADTP1 Printer Features & Functionality

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed from the Avery Dennison® ADTP®2 Tabletop Printer, which is designed for the rigors of a logistics or manufacturing shop floor.
  • Consists of specially formulated direct thermal and thermal transfer constructions that include an optimized face sheet, adhesive and liner without restrictions on constructions for converting. Ideally suited for e-commerce applications.
  • Eliminates matrix waste by using one continuous label roll. 
  • Includes a new, proprietary intelligent cutting mechanism that allows the end user to choose the exact length and quantity of labels they need, on demand, ready to be applied (already separated from liner).
  • Offers flexibility to print in either peel & present mode or in batch mode:  
    • Peel and present - the label is face cut and ready for application while the liner is rerolled  
    • Batch mode - multiple label formats and sizes can be printed at once with the liner intact for label application now or later

Product Information


Designed to Significantly Reduce Labeling Costs

  • Today’s Challenge: A significant amount of waste is generated by producing unnecessary padded “white space” on labels to fit a predetermined standard sized label.
  • EcoCut Solution: Prints labels to fit the size of the content, heavily reducing the amount of unnecessary wasted white space. Additionally, EcoCut uses exclusive, economical EcoCut TT and DT constructions.
  • Result: Results in up to 50% more labels per roll.
  • Today’s Challenge: A significant amount of waste is generated by using label rolls with wasted liner space (matrix) between each pre-cut label.
  • EcoCut Solution: Eliminates the matrix waste by having one continuous label roll that cuts to the label size needed, on demand.
  • Result: Up-front elimination of approximately 10% of waste before printing even begins.*
  • Today’s Challenge: There are multiple costs incurred with die-cut labels including:
    • Transportation to and from the converter
    • Converting
    • Purchasing, inventory, and warehousing multiple SKUs
  • EcoCut Solution: No die-cuts needed, which eliminates steps in the process, resulting in reduction in costs. Also, only one label roll needed, so fewer SKUs, therefore less inventory and less warehouse space needed.
  • Result: Transportation, converting, purchasing, inventory and warehousing costs can all be reduced.

* A 100mm x 50mm label size (4x2 in), the raw material surface needed to produce a die cut label is 104mm x 54mm (4x6), resulting in a waste of around 11% for die cut purposes compared to EcoCut label. A 100mm x 150mm label size, the raw material surface needed to produce a die cut label is 104mm x 154mm, resulting in a waste of around 6% for die cut purposes compared to EcoCut label.

Increase Productivity

  • Labeling applications vary from shipping labels to case labels to pallet labels and many more. Typically, each require a separate roll of labels, cut specifically for that application. The EcoCut Solution increases productivity by solving for these inefficiencies. The EcoCut Solution:
    • Has the flexibility to produce a variety of label formats and sizes in one roll  
    • Reduces the need for stops for label roll changes
    • Uses a thinner liner resulting in a decrease of waste handling needed

Sustainable Labeling

Current solutions push sustainability measures due to transportation needs and material composition. The EcoCut Solution uses thinner liner, reducing raw material consumption as well as reduces transportation needs. The EcoCut Solution reduces environmental impact by:

  • Decreasing transport waste
  • Reducing CO2 emission
  • Generating less waste to landfill

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