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Monarch® Handheld Labelers

Built for click and stick

Eliminate the need to hand write dates and ingredients by choosing a Monarch Hand Labeler that clearly and efficiently prints all of your required information. Be ready for health inspectors and stay in compliance by quickly date coding and identifying food in your storage and freezer areas. Various label materials are available to meet the needs of your environment and application. Choose from Freezer (Freezx), Removable (Removx), Water Resistant Removable (Durax) and Dissolvable (Dissolvx) labels.

Monarch One-Line Labelers

Monarch 1110 Labeler

Monarch® 1110-07® Labeler - Ideal for pricing and date coding on small items. Great for grab-and-go products.

Monarch 1155 Labeler

Monarch® 1156® Labeler - Produces large labels with large print for recognition at a glance. Prints seven large character positions. Includes month, day, time. Try it for date coding incoming dry goods that are put into storage.

Monarch 1131 Labeler

Monarch® 1131® Labeler - Perfect for dating quick-turn or perishable items. Choose from date and time or numeric data only.

Monarch Two-Line Labeler

Monarch 1136 Labeler

Monarch® 1136® Labeler - Use with color coded day-of-week labels.  Print month, day and time on prepped food or grab and go containers.

Monarch 1155 Labeler

Monarch® 1152® Labeler - Customize your 12 bold messages plus date, time and employee information.  May be used to label 12 different prep items or print the days of week, enabling you to reduce the number of label rolls you stock. Print the information you need and apply it quickly and easily to your products.  

Monarch 1155 Labeler

Monarch® 1155® Labeler - Great for portion control. Identifies pull/prep information.  Includes month, day, time. May be used for employee ID.

Monarch Three-Line Labeler

Monarch 1153

Monarch® 1153® Labeler - Provides three precise lines of information:

  • When made
  • When ready to serve
  • When to discard.

Monarch Handheld Labeler Instructional Videos and Support Documentation

Download manuals, learn how to load your handheld labeler, clear label jams and more.

Label Applicators

Label Applicators
Label promotional products faster and ship items with distinction.

  • Monarch® 1159® Label Applicator 
  • EasyTouch™ Label Applicator 
  • Scooter® Label Applicator
Monarch Handheld Labeler Supplies

Handheld Labeler Supplies
Find the right supplies for your Monarch handheld labeler in any size, shape, or color.
Whether you have uniquely shaped merchandise or want to customize messaging or add a logo, we have the largest selection of authentic Monarch stock, custom labels, and security labels with a leadtime that’s unmatched in the industry.  

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Looking for technical support documentation or Monarch Labelers loading instructions videos? 

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