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Avery Dennison is committed to supporting your loss prevention efforts with solutions ranging from RFID and bar code-enabled supply chain visibility to in-store, tamper-evident labeling solutions and theft recovery.

Theft Deterrence and Recovery Solutions

In a recent NRF survey, 100% of senior retail loss prevention executives said their companies had experienced Organized Retail Crime (ORC) in the past year. ORC gangs often use storefronts, pawn shops, flea markets and kiosks to fence stolen goods, and 63% of those surveyed said they had recovered merchandise from a physical location.

Using Avery Dennison® Theft Deterrent and Recovery Labels with Monarch® handheld labelers allows you to label high-theft merchandise with unique brand and store information, and track back to its original source. Speciality adhesives deter product theft and resale, while variable store label information facilitates merchandise recovery if stolen.

Theft Deterrent and Recovery
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Organized Retail Crime
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The New Math of Theft Deterrent
ID Labels

As labeling technology and ORC have changed, so has ROI calculations By Loss Prevention Media -June 6, 2019

Identification is at the heart of security. For cybersecurity, for example, you must distinguish between legitimate and nefarious network traffic. For access control, you must know who’s who in order to deny or permit entry. It’s the same for loss prevention. To effectively mitigate theft, you need to know—and show—that you had a product stolen.

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Tamper Evident Solutions for
Supply Chain and Gas Stations

Supply Chain:
Maintaining secure packaging is paramount for a successful business. Avery Dennison offers a variety of self-voiding security labels to help prevent tampering throughout your supply chain. What’s more, our extensive collection of materials and adhesives facilitate the creation of unique, customized solutions destruction of packaging upon tampering.

Gas Pumps:
Help protect customer credit card information with these non-residue security labels.  Use  on all access hatches and doors to protect your pumps from the insertion of credit card skimming devices. Visible open/void messaging complies with PCI mandates.

Tamper Evident for Supply
Chain Security Labels


Tamper Evident
Gas Pump
Security Labels


Price Switching Solutions

Price switching is a problem nearly every retailer faces.  Thieves replace price labels on high value items with labels from lesser value or marked down items, resulting in lost revenue for the store.  Avery Dennison has a variety of tamper-evident labels to help reduce this problem.

We offer a number of unique constructions including labels that cannot be reapplied and labels that deconstruct with tampering.  This prevents removal and application to another label or product and reduces losses from price switching.

Case Study

Safeway, Inc.
Price Switching
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RFID Tracking

Track your merchandise from manufacturing through the distribution center to the store to ensure authenticity and visibility to supply chain shrinkage.

In the store, Avery Dennison RFID technology allows you to track how inventory leaves the store,whether by consumer purchases or shrink from employees or outside retail criminals.

Returns Fraud

Get ahead of retail return fraud by implementing proactive solutions. Taking steps to identify products as belonging to a specific brand or store can aid in pinpointing and preventing fraudulent returns. Help ensure legitimate returns with our specially designed item identification labels.


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Explores how identifying the origin of stolen products is crucial to the return of merchandise and prosecution and disruption of fencing operations, with insights from Bob Glavin, vice president, Innovation, Printer Solutions.

Savvy Retailers Find Value in New Benefit-Denial Technology

Aided by advances in technology—Avery Dennison’s theft prevention labels are a case in point—retailers are increasingly finding value in keeping products available to customers while still deterring their theft and aiding investigations

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