Avery Dennison Printer Solutions
Built for Logistics

A world without labels?

That would be like a library without any classification system. Avery Dennison Printer Solutions connects virtual information to the physical world with a range of time and money-saving labeling, marking, tagging, and RFID solutions that help businesses manage items from receipt to dispatch. 

Close-up of a label being applied to a box from ADTP1 printer

Carton and Pallet Labeling 

Across distribution centers and throughout your supply chain, if you have the need, we have the service. 

  • Cross-Docking: Routing items from receipt to its next destination
  • Returns: Marking returned items upon acceptance at the distribution center to keep your supply chain up to date 
  • Exception Handling: Routing returned items for manual intervention when scanners can’t read their bad barcodes or incorrect labels
  • Warehousing: Holding items at distribution sites–with accurate item-marking–until they’re ordered by a retailer or consumer 

Improve logistics tracking, accuracy and productivity with a free process analysis.

Avery Dennison offers a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your receiving, handling, sorting, compliance and shipping methods to identify process improvements.  Our analysis will inform methods to improve productivity and accuracy, while driving increased margins, decreasing waste and reducing costs.

Print and Apply

Meet product identification, track-and-trace, and compliance requirements with our range of integrated and cost-effective Print-and-Apply solutions. They’ll help keep your goods moving along the production line, in the plant, and on the factory floor.

ADTP1 printer along with a person attaching a logistics label to denim jeans

Value-Added Services

When a store in one country receives garments from a store in  another, pricing needs to be adjusted to reflect the correct currency.  Our Value-Added Services ensure items in your distribution channel arrive at the retail location correctly marked, tagged, and labeled so they’re point-of-sale ready.

Item Identification

Our bar code and RFID solutions help you clearly label items for identification. The result is fast and reliable data collection; a reduction in cost, and order and invoice discrepancies; and a boost to product flow performance and accuracy.

Logistics environment with an Avery Dennison Pathfinder Printer

RFID Encoding and Reading Solutions

Tagging your products as they move through the distribution center makes it that much easier to get them on the store floor. Our printers can sit right on your floor, and our high-density read chambers allow you to ensure inventory accuracy from source through distribution to stores. Within receiving, inventory tracking and loss prevention, RFID implementation ensures integrity and visibility across the entire global supply chain.

Tabletop Printers

Our one-of-a-kind tabletop printers are built for compliance and designed to help food, retail, manufacturing, and other businesses increase price-marking productivity.

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