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Freshmarx 9417+ System

Combines dual printers with a touchscreen interface and intuitive Freshmarx® Prep software to provide an all-in-one compact, robust solution for food service environments.  The Freshmarx 9417+ System is an automated solution facilitating a wide range of kitchen tasks including food labeling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculations to improve food-safety and kitchen efficiencies.

Freshmarx 9417+ System 
Product Information


  • Improve labeling accuracy with pre-stored data for shelf life, nutrition, ingredient, and grab-and-go labels
  • Reduce time spent performing manual shelf life calculations
  • Achieve labeling consistency with kitchen processes across multiple locations
  • Eliminate health code violations and reduce spoilage caused by illegible handwriting
  • Print barcode labels for point-of-sale and inventory scanning
  • Print custom labels with logos, images and QR codes to better market your brand
  • Open architecture allows for custom application development
  • Audible timers assist with cooking times for multiple menu items
  • Simplify food prep with full shift, prep label batch printing
  • Send print jobs to the 9417+ from external kitchen applications

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