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Avery Dennison Completes
Acquisition of Vestcom

September 1, 2021

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) has completed the acquisition of Vestcom for the purchase price of $1.45 billion, subject to customary adjustments.

Vestcom, is a market-leading provider of pricing and branded labeling solutions at the shelf-edge for retailers and consumer packaged goods companies. It uses data management capabilities to synthesize and streamline store-level data and deliver item-specific, price-integrated messaging at the shopper’s point of decision. Vestcom is now an Avery Dennison company.

AIM Engage Again

Virtual conference

September 8-9, 2021

This two-day event is your opportunity to dialogue with individuals looking for cutting-edge traceability and supply chain strategies that demonstrate best practices with an ROI to help them succeed. NEW The RAIN Alliance Tyre Expo is co-locating and is expected to attract people from all aspects of the tyre world including tyre manufacturers, distributors, and dealers as well as solution providers. 


Las Vegas, USA, Booth #419

September 19-22, 2021

Join us at Groceryshop the first in-person event that will bring together the entire grocery ecosystem, and find out how Digital ID technologies offers opportunities to improve grocery operations from inventory management to shrink reduction and improved sustainability.

Avery Dennison Acquires Vestcom

July 28, 2021

Avery Dennison announces its intent to purchase Vestcom, the US market-leading provider of shelf edge pricing, productivity, and media solutions.

AD Explore
Virtual supply chain experience
May 4, 2021

Avery Dennison Identification Solutions Division is excited to launch AD Explore, a virtual supply chain experience for food, retail, and logistics. Discover a new normal that’s more connected, better harmonized, and sustainable through every step of the supply chain. Our solutions make it possible, let us show you how.

Avery Dennison Acquires ZippyYum
Convenience Store News
March 23, 2021

We are excited to announce that Avery Dennison has acquired ZippyYum, now part of the global Identification Solutions Division of Avery Dennison. We look forward to offering even more food industry knowledge and know-how by delivering both our Freshmarx(R) Food Industry Solutions alongside ZippyYum products through an integrated offering of hardware, software, and consumables. Together, we will provide new services to our global customers and drive greater operational automation and transparency across the food supply chain.

Like It or Not, Retailers are Becoming Tech Companies
Convenience Store News
February 4, 2021

A general feeling among the guest speakers, retailers, and technology companies participating in this year’s virtual NRF Show is that technology was the key to surviving the miserable pandemic of 2020. And, with several new strains of the novel coronavirus continuing to spread in 2021, retailers more than ever are looking to advanced technology to engage and serve their customers in the safest ways possible.

OpenIt Solutions
RFID enabled smart fridges to meet increasing demands for convenience

Case Study

November 23, 2020 - Updated January 12, 2021

Since 2017, OpenIt Solutions has distributed its smart refrigerators to catering professionals serving fresh food to hotels, offices, and other businesses. However, there were problems with the delivery system, which the customer eliminated by implementing Avery Dennison’s integrated Freshmarx® RFID solutions.   

Preventing Temperature Abuse

White Paper

November 11, 2020

Preventing temperature abuse is a vital way to protect brand reputation and avoid disaster for any food organization. Failure to comply with federally mandated protocols often results in inventory loss or even worse, a danger to public health. In a time where food safety is in the spotlight due to high profile incidents at major restaurant chains, operators are actively seeking intelligent solutions to ensure customer safety and protect brand equity.   

What convenience stores learned from the pandemic

By Ryan Yost, vice president, and general manager for the Identification Solutions Division of Avery Dennison in Convenience Store News

November 3, 2020

Convenience store executives have been on the front lines of consumer demand during the pandemic. However, “convenience” has taken on new meaning in the current era of product shortages, supply chain logjams, and rising consumer demand for items like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, which may outlast the pandemic itself. 

survey published in April by Convenience Store News found that two-thirds of convenience store retailers had trouble staying in stock with in-demand products like household cleaners and paper products. Another 10 percent said they could not keep their store shelves stocked due to intense customer demand. 

For convenience stores accustomed to predictable product inventory, pinpointing how to meet new, unpredictable consumer demands is becoming essential data.

Why the FDA’s New Era of Food Safety Blueprint is the food industry’s road map to the future

By Ryan Yost, vice president and general manager for the Identification Solutions Division of Avery Dennison

August 8, 2020

Avery Dennison, a leader in intelligent label solutions that bridge the physical and digital worlds, applauds the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) New Era of Smarter Food Safety, released July 13, 2020. Avery Dennison was one of the few technology companies present at the FDA’s public meeting on a New Era of Smarter Food Safety, which was held last fall to discuss the agency’s approach to the modernization of food safety, including the development of the Blueprint framework.

The company’s digital food technology solutions accomplish many of the goals outlined by the FDA – enabling traceability of products throughout the supply chain, locating recalled products in seconds, quickly identifying source of outbreaks, reducing food waste, and facilitating transparency with consumers  – while ​removing the complexities of meeting government regulations and brand owner mandates.

Grocery supply chains must invest in automation as delivery becomes the norm

By Ryan Yost, vice president and general manager for the Printer Solutions Division of Avery Dennison

July 28, 2020
As grocers cut costs, smaller staff will be stretched by increasing delivery demands. Technology can fill the gap..

Avery Dennison Applauds FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint

July 27, 2020
Avery Dennison applauds the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) New Era of Smarter Food Safety, released July 13, 2020. Avery Dennison was one of the few technology companies present at the FDA’s public meeting on a New Era of Smarter Food Safety, which was held last fall to discuss the agency’s approach to the modernization of food safety, including the development of the Blueprint framework.

Tech Holds the Answers to Reopening Guidelines

By Ryan Yost, vice president and general manager for the Identification Solutions Division of Avery Dennison

July 21, 2020
As restaurants begin reopening, there are pressing and immediate concerns. However, it’s equally important to also take a long-term strategic approach to the Coronavirus. Both now and for the future, technology can answer many of the question’s managers have surrounding maintaining the health of employees, ensuring the safety of their guests and protecting their bottom line. ..

Case Studies & White Papers

White Paper:

Reopening and Maintaining Restaurants in the Era of COVID-19: Guide to Help Protect Your Customers and Employees

Throughout the reopening process and in a future marked by changed realities for post-crisis restaurant operations, there are urgent challenges for the restaurant industry that revolve around food safety and cleanliness, as well as ongoing needs to provide consumers with nutrition, ingredient and expiration labeling, especially in the grab-and-go space. The technology exists to support reopenings and an uncertain future ahead.

The Avery Dennison Freshmarx® suite of intelligent food industry solutions allows restaurants to address the current COVID crisis and future-proof their establishments. This Guide is designed to help restaurants create a safe environment for their staff and safe food for their customers.

White Paper:

Building Resilience in Grocery: Looking Beyond

Find out how RFID bridges the physical and the digital, enabling retailers to have a more connected, agile supply chain. In this white paper, we’ll discuss the state of the grocery industry and explore how RFID addresses challenges, including:

  • Ways in which grocers are using RFID to reimagine their supply chain operations, to offer better — and more socially distanced — consumer experiences while gaining unprecedented inventory visibility to bolster their e-commerce platforms.

  • Enabling retailers to have a more connected and agile supply chain, improving traceability and transparency.

  • Explore insights into the latest innovations making RFID a compelling next-gen technology for a post-COVID-19 landscape.

Case Study:

Pork producer increases inventory accuracy and food safety with Avery Dennison's RFID Pallet Tracking Solution

Avery Dennison worked with a leading pork producer to incorporate RFID technology into their pallet tracking system.. By adopting RFID technology, the pork producer was able to limit employee error and increase the accuracy of warehouse inventory.


Case Study:

Fast-cooked pizza franchise increases productivity and safety with Avery Dennison Freshmarx Handheld Labeler Solutions

Pizza is an American staple and some of the newest disruptors in the $45-billion industry are offering fast cooked, fully-customizable pies made to order with high quality, all-natural toppings. Despite the 21st century take on food preparation, one such restaurant chain was taking an antiquated approach to date- and time-coding its ingredients.

Case Study:

Food Donation Made Easy for a Large Casino in Las Vegas 

In the U.S., while 133 billion pounds of food are discarded annually, millions of people struggle with hunger, and one in six American children may not know where their next meal is coming from. These statistics have prompted a growing trend in the foodservice industry to redirect surplus food to the needy and less fortunate. That’s where Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Donation with our partner, Food Donation Connection, has been making a difference with a large gaming resort in Las Vegas.

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