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Automated solutions are the keys to BOH success

Automating BOH processes has never been more important for restaurants.  Freshmarx cloud-based applications for food prep, HACCP compliance, managing order accuracy, replenishment, temperature and task tracking all lead to safer food, better inventory visibility, faster more precise recalls, and reduced food waste.   

Freshmarx Solutions can also help restaurants achieve complete shipment visibility so they and their distributors know immediately if delivery is accurate and any inconsistencies can be addressed before the truck leaves.  This decreases dwell time and increases productivity for put-away. Inventory is tracked so it's always up-to-date and visible to the restaurant manager.  

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Inventory Management Solution Helps Eliminate Pain for More than 24,000 Subway Restaurants

GS1 Case Study
March 2022

Many franchisees in the North American Subway network once shared the pain of time-consuming weekly inventory. The manual procedure was even more onerous when frequent discrepancies arose between stock, orders, and invoices that required troubleshooting and reconciliation.

Find out how Avery Dennison's ZippyYum inventory management application based on GS1 Standards transformed a several-hour weekly ordeal into a more accurate, automated system that now only takes minutes.

Learn More: AD Explore

Freshmarx Solutions for restaurants are more than just optimizing BOH and inventory tracking.  Our solutions can help you create a connected supply chain that reaches all the way back to the food source.  Learn more about our connected supply chain solutions by taking a trip through our virtual supply chain experience: AD Explore.

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