Freshmarx Solutions for Groceries and Convenience Stores

Grocery Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disrupter across the food industry. In Grocery, both online and in-store sales have seen a significant increase. This rapid surge has shone a spotlight on major challenges as consumers shift their grocery shopping to online platforms.

Some of the challenges that the pandemic has exacerbated are:

  • Inventory management
  • Expiration management
  • Traceability
  • Consumer experience

To stay relevant, grocers need a new strategy and better processes to tighten up their supply chain, track their in-store inventory, and delight their customers to ensure continued loyalty. 

Watch the video or request a demo to see how Avery Dennison helps grocers optimize their supply chain.

Convenience Store Challenges

Convenience store operators know that what happens in the supply chain will directly affect their inventory control. Consider what the supply chain would have looked like during the pandemic if consumers and convenience store managers had visibility into inventory levels for essential products like hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. There may not have been the panic-buying and hoarding that left convenience stores shelves empty.

The lack of total inventory visibility was a clear signal that technology offering end-to-end visibility throughout the global supply chain would be the way of the future.  Optimizing inventory and expiration management, traceability and consumer experience is more important than ever. 

Avery Dennison can help.

Digital transformation to prevent food waste

June 2022

Food waste has become an enormous challenge across the global grocery, restaurant and consumer landscape. This report in partnership with Coresight aims to raise awareness while exploring the scope of the issue for food retailers in North America. Read how technology can be used to manage and reduce food waste to benefit retailers and the environment. 

Learn More: AD Explore

Freshmarx Solutions for groceries and convenience stories are more than just what you see in the store.  Our solutions can help you create a connected supply chain that reaches all the way back to the food source.  Learn more about our connected supply chain solutions by taking a trip through our virtural supply chain experience: AD Explore.

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