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Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions can help define your requirements and develop solutions that will ensure your product is safe for consumption, in compliance with regulations, and trusted by the consumer. 

We can show you how to "future-proof" your operations to quickly and easily adapt to the ever-changing world of the food supply chain.  Our solutions enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the food industry supply chain.

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RFID Solutions

RFID for Food and Beverage

The food industry is going through deep, seismic changes driven by the evolution of new technology in both manufacturing and our daily routines. Through the Internet of Things, nearly everything in our lives as consumers is evolving toward less friction and more automation. From cashier-less stores to ordering via smart speaker, time-strapped consumers are gravitating toward shopping that’s less of a chore. In addition, customers want to know what’s in their food, and where exactly it came from, all the way back to the source. Supply chains are now dinner-party conversation topics and the race to deliver convenience is on, one where smarter supply chains must provide transparency and accountability above all.

What's the answer?
Digital ID solutions such as RFID dramatically improve inventory management and enable you to see exactly what’s come in, how much product you have, and when it leaves — with 99 percent accuracy. That allows you to automate, to maintain quality and shelf life without compromise, to locate lost products, to redirect what needs to be redirected, and to withdraw only what needs withdrawing. By adding a unique identifier and online connectivity to every item in any inventory, RFID-enabled labels let grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, and food suppliers dramatically improve inventory management, efficiency, traceability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We design our solutions to meet customers’ most pressing challenges, and continually innovate to make sure we stay a step ahead of the industry’s rapidly changing needs.

Freshmarx Data Management Applications

From farm to fork, market challenges are driving foodservice providers to find new ways to:

  • Track and move inventory efficiently
  • Keep food safe
  • Enable quicker, more accurate recalls
  • Address consumer perception around food provenance and waste  

This requires software solutions that are adaptable, flexible, sustainable, and resilient.

Freshmarx Connect

Today’s food producers face many challenges such as:

  • Food traceability from field to consumer with accurate food recall capability and the ability to inform customers immediately
  • Providing consumer visibility to food provenance information. Compliance with new government regulations and customer requirements
  • Timely delivery of fresh food to processors, distribution centers, and retailers

Farms need a sustainable, automated solution that provides supply chain transparency, is adaptable, flexible, sustainable, and resilient.

What's the answer?

It all starts with a label.  Freshmarx Connect is a First Mile solution that enables the digitization of the food supply chain by helping farmers and producers create Produce Traceability Initiative-compliant labels and data as close to the field as possible. Our digital ID technology solutions help companies verify a food item’s journey across the entire supply chain- from source to final destination - minimizing risk and cost.  Users can generate serialized global trade numbers (GTINs) and global location numbers (GLNs).

Freshmarx Prep

Without an automated kitchen, individual restaurant functions suffer, and time is wasted from front -of-house to back -of-house.  Here are some of the problems experienced by restaurants that have not automated kitchen operations:  

  • Out-of-date inventories
  • Poor stock management and rotation,
  • Inadequate forecasting of stock levels, Inability to address restaurant trends such as off-premises dining

When time isn’t set aside to anticipate trends and the technologies that address upcoming trends like ghost kitchens, a rise in third-party delivery companies, and off-premise dining, competitors can quickly get a leg up and surpass any past gains an operator may have made.*

What's the answer?

Freshmarx Prep is a customer-inspired, flexible food prep software that enables unique, one-of-a-kind applications, features, and a user interface to support processes for intuitive food prep for foodservice providers.

  • Improve productivity with versatile label printing for freshness, nutrition, ingredient, grab and go, and more
  • Increase efficiency with flexible intuitive button-based interface and ability to change data field information on the fly
  • Improve compliance with food safety and quality standards

Freshmarx Operations Solutions

Distributor Communication
Due to an increasingly tight supply chain, accurate and timely fulfillment of orders is more important than it's ever been.  Distribution centers need a way to maintain contact with individual restaurants to ensure that's quick and easy.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions enables an easy-to-use message center that distributors can use to send critical information and updates to restaurants. Restaurants can receive push and email notifications on everything from order updates to product shortages, or anything a distributor needs to communicate to their customers.
  • Easy-to-use message center
  • Allows for quick communication into the restaurant
  • Messages can be sent to individual locations or regionally, etc.
  • Also allows franchisors to communicate with individual locations

Timers and Reminders
Tracking short-shelf-life items like brewed coffee can be tricky and requires constant monitoring from restaurant staff. Traditional digital checklists may also not be optimal for reminding employees of critical tasks in the restaurant like hourly cleaning.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions provides a timers and reminders module that allows restaurants to use pre-built brand templates as well as custom-configured timers and reminders. With an option to even print a label when starting a timer, the app helps remind employees and sounds an alarm when it’s time to take action after a timer has expired. 

  • Automated tracking of time-based tasks
  • Increased compliance with visible and audible reminders
  • Flexibility to track food or tasks

Media Center and Training
The typical restaurant back-of-house often cluttered with training bulletins on the walls and scattered documents makes it difficult for employees to train and easily find materials when needed. Not to mention the typical operations manual that is often ignored.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions digitizes the back-of-house documents that restaurant teams need most. By having all your documents and training videos available digitally in our app, employees will always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. The app helps put the right information where employees need it, right when they need it, to eliminate endless procedural searches and reduce the amount of training needed for new employees.
  • Digitize paper documents, manuals, forms 
  • Push documents and training videos out to multiple locations 
  • Always keep documents and videos up-to-date with the latest versions 
  • Provides training information when employees need it most

Temperature and HACCP Checks
Taking food temperatures and conducting HACCP checks is a critical process and the cornerstone of food safety. Despite its importance, the process is often prone to challenges like fraudulent logs and pencil whipping due to the manual nature of HACCP logging.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions provides the most secure solution on the market for logging HACCP activity and taking food temperatures. Using a patented AI-based process, our app can automatically recognize food items, log the photo, temperature, employee name, date, and time all with one tap from the user. The app fully automates the process, removes all manual steps, and walks users through corrective actions step-by-step by doing things like automatically starting corrective timers and asking for additional photo evidence that an action was taken.
  • Removes all manual steps from HACCP activity 
  • Increase in food safety and compliance 
  • Eliminates fraudulent logs and cheating 
  • Eliminates the need for significant training of employees 
  • App is easy-to-use with step-by-step instructions

Expiry Management
Clearly printed date coding labels help ensure food safety, optimal food freshness, and quality for customers while also protecting a brand's reputation from foodborne illness incidents.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions include a wide variety of methods for FEFO, FIFO, and other expiration management processes, ranging from semi-automated handheld labelers to digital and RFID solutions.

Custom Cooking Module
Most restaurants typically have that one special item, their “secret sauce” or “special menu item” that has to be prepared perfectly. Whether it’s baking the perfect bread, cooking up a signature burger, making the perfect pizza dough, or having that sushi rice just right, there’s often some process that can only be done by the most experienced restaurant team members.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions supports the ability to build custom modules that are brand-specific and allow for digitizing complex, proprietary cooking processes. This takes a complex task once reserved for experienced team members and allows more junior restaurant staff to learn, participate, and help make these items to brand standards. Not only does this simplify the process, but it provides a more consistent food product using lower-cost labor for the restaurant. 
  • Increases food quality and consistency 
  • Simplifies a complex process 
  • Reduces in labor costs

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions

Inventory/Case Tracking
Taking inventory using a pen and clipboard or other manual processes is slow and error-prone.  Restaurants need to know in real-time what inventory they have in their kitchen to avoid food waste or an out-of-stock situation.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions enable quick, accurate inventory that can be accomplished in minutes, not hours.  In an internal study, it was found that a back-of-house with 50% partial cartons implementing RFID can reduce labor by half while still driving an average inventory accuracy improvement of 15-20%, overall resulting in reduced labor costs and increased working capital through better inventory control.

  • Faster, more accurate locations
  • Increased inventory visibility
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Eliminate out-of-stock events
  • Increased productivity
  • Smart algorithms catch mistakes before they are made
  • Elimination of paper count sheets
  • Allows multiple people to take inventory at once

Recall Tracking
Recalling or withdrawing products from restaurants is often a manual process involving phone calls and emails with little to no visibility into recall incidents. This often leads to low recall compliance and high labor costs for franchisor staff managing recall incidents.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions provides a full recall and withdrawals management platform. Franchisors or supply chain managers can create recall incidents using our portal, allowing them to define recall parameters including affected product, lot codes, expiration dates, corrective actions, etc. Restaurants then receive recall notifications directly in their apps and even on their POS systems. When a restaurant scans an affected case, they are immediately notified. Franchisors receive real-time visibility into recall compliance during an event.

  • Fully automated recall management platform
  • Eliminates phone calls and emails
  • Can significantly increase recall compliance
  • Easy for restaurants to be notified of recall events
  • Ability to lock POS in the restaurant during critical recalls
  • Real-time visibility for recall managers

Quality Assurance
Reporting quality issues or damaged items from distributor orders has often been a manual, time-consuming process for restaurant operators. Restaurants are often left in the dark on the status of their claims and are required to follow up frequently for credit updates.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions provides a quality assurance integration where restaurants can submit quality complaints in seconds, allowing distributors and suppliers to receive the complaints electronically. This also allows distributors and suppliers to track quality issues and trends throughout the supply chain and provides visibility to the franchisor. Credits are also issued back electronically to restaurants, which are able to track the status of their claims in real-time in their app.
  • Eliminates call centers and emails for quality complaints
  • Full visibility of issues through the supply chain
  • Labor reduction in time spent filing complaints for restaurants
  • Streamlines a manual process

Automated Ordering
Using manual calculations and formulas to place an order can often result in over-ordering, which can lead to food waste, or under-ordering, which can lead to out-of-stock and dissatisfied customers.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions features a “suggestive ordering” integration with our inventory application. This feature allows restaurants to create their weekly distributor orders with one tap. The app automatically builds and suggests all quantities in the order based on inventory history and past usage, not only saving restaurant operators time but increasing order accuracy.
  • Saves time by automatically creating the order
  • Increased order accuracy using our algorithm
  • Reduction in over-ordering, freeing up capital
  • Reduction in unnecessary on-hand inventory
  • Reduction in food waste

Freshmarx Checklists

Checklists are a part of every successful kitchen manager’s toolkit. They give supervisors a quick, at-a-glance snapshot into the completion of critical daily tasks and serve as a roadmap for expectations for employees.  But paper checklists are notoriously unreliable when it comes to tracking task completion accuracy or employee productivity. A digital task tracking solution takes the guesswork out of task completion compliance.

What's the answer?

Freshmarx® Checklists, our cloud-based, digital checklist application for task execution, increases the accuracy of task recording, gives greater oversight to employee behavior, and helps standardize tasks across enterprises by providing instructions and materials in-app when a task is in progress. The app also allows restaurants to collect “evidence” of completed tasks via photos, videos, text, or multiple-choice questions. Our real-time dashboard provides visibility and reporting for managers, owners, and franchisor staff. 

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased completion of critical tasks
  • Real-time monitoring of task progress
  • Evidence collection for logging of completed tasks
  • Decreased employee training time with in-app resources

Freshmarx Equipment Monitoring

On average, kitchens experience refrigerator failures at least twice a year.  With a typical refrigeration inventory averaging over $10,000, these failures can result in significant food waste and lost revenue. Food safety can be compromised, jeopardizing both customer safety and brand loyalty.

What's the answer?

Freshmarx Equipment Monitoring Solutions enable automated tracking of temperature and humidity.  Temperatures are checked at configurable intervals and digital records are created allowing for customized, on-demand reports for inspectors and other stakeholders. When equipment is out-of-range, alerts and notifications can be sent via push notification, text message, email, and POS notification.  This cloud-based app can be accessed from iOS and Android smart devices and any desktop computer browser. 

  • Immediate alerts to equipment problems
  • Increased food safety by ensuring proper temperature
  • Helps prevent inventory loss due to improper storage temperatures
  • Full traceability on food temperature storage history
  • Improves efficiency, no more manual temperature checks
  • Saves on energy costs - no need to open the cooling unit door to check the temperature 

Freshmarx Nutrition

Consumers expect foodservice providers to accurately label food to help them make important decisions that impact the health of their families. It’s critical that our foodservice customers have a fast and easy method to produce accurate, legible nutritional labels.

What's the answer?

Freshmarx® Nutrition integrates with ESHA's Genesis R&D Food Formulation software to create accurate and complete nutrition data, simplifying the recipe creation process while supporting nutrition label precision. System-wide updates to nutritional values due to menu changes are made with the push of a button.  Users can input recipes, calculate nutrition values, and import all nutritional information. 

  • Accurate and compliant nutrition data
  • Elimination of manual data entry and automated data imports increase productivity
  • One source for up-to-date nutrition facts, nutrition labels, and recipe storage 

Freshmarx Food Donation

What restaurants do with their excess food is of increasing importance to their customers. A study by Unilever revealed that:

  •  72% of U.S. diners care about how restaurants handle food waste
  • 47% would be willing to spend more to eat at a restaurant with an active food recovery program

As a financial plus, most food donations are tax-deductible.

What's the answer?
Freshmarx Food Donation helps foodservice providers give back to the community and realize potential tax benefits by providing surplus food donations in a safe, traceable way.  Now it's easy to track the donation recipient or log the type of food (protein, dairy, etc) that make up the donation, which is a requirement in many communities and makes it easy to digitize records for tax reporting.
  • Logs and tracks food waste root causes 
  • Enhances food waste reduction efforts
  • Reduces landfill waste and methane emissions
  • Helps feed food-challenged families
  • Reduces business cost and increase consumer saving
  • Improves sales by gaining consumer respect
  • Enables tax benefits

”Rethinking Food Waste through Economics and Data: A Roadmap to Reduce Food Waste” -

Freshmarx Food Waste Tracker

Managing food waste is a key component in running a successful business:

  • An additional $620 million in profit potential per year could be realized by adopting prevention solutions such as waste tracking and analytics
  • Every dollar invested in food waste reduction can result in approximately $8 in cost savings*
What's the answer?
Freshmarx Food Waste Tracker helps determine exactly how much food inventory is lost due to inaccurate inventory management and kitchen processes. Food weight is automatically imported from an integrated scale, or the weight or other units of measure can be entered manually.  Trouble areas can be tracked and action plans created to reduce waste in the future.
  • Logs and tracks food waste root causes 
  • Enhances food waste reduction efforts
  • Reduces landfill waste and methane emissions
  • Helps feed food-challenged families
  • Reduces business cost and increase consumer saving
  • Improves sales by gaining consumer respect
  • Enables tax benefits

”Rethinking Food Waste through Economics and Data: A Roadmap to Reduce Food Waste” -

Freshmarx Data Management Systems

Managing all the data that keeps a kitchen running is a big job.  From nutrition, ingredient, and inventory labeling to employee training, food waste, and donation tracking, restaurants need fast, accurate, and automated solutions for food preparation and more to keep their business profitable and customers safe.

Without an automated kitchen, individual restaurant functions suffer, and time is wasted from front-of-house to back-of-house. Here are some of the problems experienced by restaurants that have not automated kitchen operations:  

  • Out-of-date inventories
  • Poor stock management and rotation
  • Inadequate forecasting of stock levels,
  • Inability to address restaurant trends such as off-premises dining. 

When time isn’t set aside to anticipate trends and the technologies that address upcoming trends like ghost kitchens, a rise in third-party delivery companies, and off-premise dining, competitors can quickly get a leg up and surpass any past gains an operator may have made.* 

Avery Dennison has a wide range of automated and semi-automated food prep solutions to fit the needs of every kitchen. Our solutions provide versatile label printing for freshness, nutrition, ingredient, grab and go, and more.  Includes solutions with flexible intuitive button-based interface and ability to change data field information on the fly, and compliance with food safety and quality standards


Freshmarx Central and Freshmarx Tablet Systems

Integrates a full suite of back-of-house data management and printing applications into one cohesive system to help:

  • Ensure food safety
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Save money
  • Reduce waste
  • Enhance the consumer experience
  • Future-proof kitchens and address the unique challenges of foodservice providers

These Android OS data management and printing solutions leverage the Freshmarx Prep software application to provide versatile label printing for freshness, nutrition, ingredient, grab and go, and more;  flexible intuitive button-based interface, ability to change data field information on the fly, compliance with food safety and quality standards. Users can prepare and label food items, watch training videos, view recipes, monitor cooler temperatures, and verify checklists.

  • Freshmarx Central System is a tabletop printer featuring two printheads, durable metal casework, and a variety of communication ports
  • Freshmarx Tablet System features an Android tablet and a small desktop printer.


Monarch Handheld Labelers

Eliminate the need to handwrite dates and ingredients by choosing a Monarch Handheld Labeler that clearly and efficiently prints your required information. These mechanical labelers provide the convenience of mobile printing. Print labels in any environment throughout the food supply chain, from the farm all the way to the restaurant/grocery store. Printing on the go allows your operations to boost productivity as you’ll be able to quickly apply identification at the time of pick, pack or put away while providing increased legibility over handwritten solutions. Food labels should be easy to read, clear and concise, and the handheld labeler does that in one easy step.

Expand your traceability with clean, clear, and concise labeling. In today’s food supply chain environment, brands and suppliers are constantly looking for solutions to ensure food traceability. Handheld labelers and labels are a good choice when you need to track:

  • Lot codes
  • PLU codes
  • Country of Origin / Field Location
  • Prep/pull dates and times
  • Product rotation 
  • Ingredients

Monarch Pathfinder 6059 with RFID
for the Food Supply Chain

Digital ID solutions such as RFID dramatically improve inventory management and enable foodservice providers to see exactly what’s come in, how much product is in inventory, and when it leaves — with 98% accuracy. RFID enables automation, quality assurance, and shelf life accuracy without compromise, to locate lost products, to redirect what needs to be redirected, and to withdraw only what needs withdrawing.

Even in fully RFID-enabled restaurants, there may still be times when a product i sreceived from a non-compliant supplier and needs to be RFID labeled before leaving the receiving area

The Avery Dennison Monarch Pathfinder 6059 with RFID is the only mobile one-piece solution that can encode and print RFID labels on demand. Now you can take RFID encoding and labeling right to the product.

  • Empowers restaurants and stores to become 100% RFID enabled
  • Scan a package, retrieve the routing information, encode RFID technology into the inlay of a label, and print the RFID-encoded label to apply to the package
  • Encode cases and inner packs with source information that allows the food to be tracked and accounted for throughout the supply chain.
  • Produce 2D barcodes that provide product details to the consumer
  • Add RFID labels to products at the processor or distribution center as a value-added service or at restaurants or stores at receiving

By adding a unique identifier and online connectivity to every item in any inventory, RFID-enabled labels let grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, and food suppliers dramatically improve inventory management, efficiency, traceability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Freshmarx Services and Support

Freshmarx Supplies

Accurate food labeling is central to food safety compliance, but it's also critical for food retailers committed to quality, traceability, and consumer confidence. Our range of stock and custom innovative freshness, nutritional, promotional, tamper evident, dissolvable, durable, and high-heat food labeling solutions improve speed, accuracy, and productivity throughout the global food supply chain while informing customers. 

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