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Freshmarx  Solutions can help define your requirements and develop solutions that will ensure your product is traceable in the supply chain, in compliance with regulations, and trusted by the consumer. 

We can show you how to "future-proof" your operations to quickly and easily adapt to the ever-changing world of the food supply chain.  Our solutions enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability, and enhance the consumer experience by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the food industry supply chain.

Check out our solutions below or for a more in-depth, interactive experience check out our virtual supply chain, AD Explore.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions

Inventory tracking has long been a manual process for foodservice providers. This time-consuming, antiquated process relies on inefficient counting and keying methods. Depending on the business, inventory tracking needs to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly - and sometimes even between shifts - to ensure stock levels and maintain profitable operations. But with limited labor resources, sometimes it doesn’t get done at all.

Freshmarx Inventory Solutions
 include digital ID solutions such as RFID that dramatically improve inventory management and enable you to see exactly what’s come in, how much product you have, and when it leaves — with 99% accuracy. Automation allows foodservice providers to maintain quality and shelf life without compromise, to locate lost products, to redirect what needs to be redirected, and to withdraw only what needs withdrawing.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions

Managing all of the data that keeps food service providers running is a huge job. If done manually, this process uses time and resources that most food service providers just don’t have.  Information needs to be gathered quickly and accurately in a way that can be easily analyzed for making critical business decisions.

Freshmarx Operations Solutions optimize your processes by effortlessly automating processes that have been traditionally performed manually.

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Freshmarx Supplies

Accurate food labeling is central to food safety compliance, but it's also critical for food retailers committed to quality, traceability, and consumer confidence. Our range of stock and custom innovative freshness, nutritional, promotional, tamper evident, dissolvable, durable, and high-heat food labeling solutions improve speed, accuracy, and productivity throughout the global food supply chain while informing customers. 

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