Freshmarx Solutions for Distribution Centers

Inventory accuracy is key

Traceability and transparency are crucial for distribution centers that are responsible for transporting food. Whether it’s cross-docking or pick and pack, DCs need to know inventory status at all times.

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Take a trip through our virtual supply chain to learn more about how Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions can help with:
  • RFID inbound inventory tracking
  • On-demand labeling
  • Mobile RFID labeling
  • Routing, cross-docking, and exception handling
  • Item level inventory verification
  • Meal kit assembly
  • RFID outbound shipping and inventory tracking
  • Distributor communication
  • Truck optimization
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Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions help connect the food supply chain from the farm, where connectivity starts, all the way through to the restaurant or store where the consumer can have access to all provenance, expiration, and nutritional information.
To find out more, watch this video highlighting our solutions for distribution centers.

Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions


The digital journey of our food begins here


Tracking the transformation from raw to packaged food

Distribution Center

Accurate inventory for the right customer at the right time


Leveraging upstream digital identification


Automated solutions help future-proof kitchens


Serving safe food onsite, in the drive-through, or by delivery

Grocery/Convenience Store

Building resilience with omni-channel proficiencies

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