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Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions for Distribution Centers

Traceability and transparency are key for distribution centers and especially distribution centers that are responsible for transporting food.

When RFID solutions are used to track products through the supply chain,  multiple cartons and products can be automatically read and verified at the distribution center with 99% accuracy as they’re received.  This translates to saving up to 50% of labor hours and improving inventory accuracy by 99%. 

RFID solutions also facilitate improved pallet de-aggregation, inventory visibility, audit elimination, truck optimization, and automated shipping. Better inventory accuracy and item level management mean less food waste, improved food safety, and even enables opportunities to offer new and improved consumer experiences. 

Freshmarx Meal Kit Fulfillment Solutions can help meal kit companies improve order accuracy, help achieve better customer satisfaction, reduce food and packaging waste, and minimize refund expenses.

Check out our solutions below designed specifically for distribution centers.


Supply Chain Solutions


  • RFID inbound verification
  • Pallet de-aggregations
  • WIP and QC labeling
  • High-speed package and carton labeling and scanning
  • On-demand mobile printing and RFID encoding
  • Truck optimization
  • Automated RFID data capture into traceability platform
  • Cross-docking
  • RFID outbound shipping verification


  1. RFID Solutions - Inbound and outbound verification, blockchain-type traceability applications, truck optimization, and WIP tracking. More

  2. Avery Dennison ADTP Printer/Encoders - Create shipping, carton and license plate labels, barcode, and RFID for shipping, put away and cross-docking. More

  3. High Speed Apply and Print and Apply - Fast, accurate placement of shipping and packing labels, barcode, and RFID.  More

  4. Avery Dennison Pathfinder - Mobile scan, print, RFID-encode and apply for exception handling and cross-docking. More

  5. Freshmarx Handheld Labelers  - WIP labeling and exception handling.  More

  6. RFID In-Line Tunnels - Carton level RFID scanning on a fast-moving conveyor.  More

  7. Avery Dennison Mobile Workstations - Take the printer to the item, carton or pallet to be labeled; put your “stationary” printers right in the truck for cross-docking, on your lines for route labeling or on a scissor lift for shelf labeling. 

Freshmarx Analysis

Not sure where to start? Determining the right Freshmarx Solution for your foodservice environment begins with a Freshmarx Freshtrax Analysis. Freshtrax is a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your operations and identify process improvements. Our experts partner with you to examine each step of your everyday processes and operations and work with you to create a plan to:

  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Enable traceability and transparency
  • Ensure food safety
  • Create processes that promote sustainability
  • Enhance consumer experience

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