Freshmarx Solutions for Distribution Centers

Accurate inventory for the right customer at the right time

Traceability and transparency are crucial for distribution centers that are responsible for transporting food. They are often working through short lead times to maintain food freshness and safety.  

Many DCs are finding they are having difficulty keeping pace with today’s demand, especially if they are still using manual processes. Whether it’s cross-docking or pick and pack, DCs need to know inventory status at all times, in real time.

Freshmarx Solutions help DCs maximize productivity, speed, volume of product movement and load optimization so the inventory is sent to the right customer at the right time, while still fresh.

Watch the video or request a demo to see how Avery Dennison helps DC's optimize their supply chain.

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Freshmarx Solutions for distribution centers are more than just tracking inventory through your facility and out the door.  Our solutions can help you create a connected supply chain that reaches all the way back to the food source and forward to the consumer.  Learn more about our connected supply chain solutions by taking a trip through our virtural supply chain experience: AD Explore.

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