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Freshmarx® Intelligent Food
Industry Solutions

Connecting the supply chain to help the foodservice industry increase labor efficiency, improve food safety, enable traceability and transparency, meet sustainability goals and enhance the consumer experience, from farm to fork.

Freshmarx Solutions help track food from source to consumption or disposal throughout the supply chain for quick, accurate recall and improved inventory tracking; provide a full range of back-of-the-house food safety, prep and sustainability solutions that set customers up to future-proof kitchens through cloud-based connectivity; and demonstrate a wide variety of ways, such as frictionless checkout and food provenance to creatively and thoughtfully engage the consumer by leveraging the data collected as the product travels along the supply chain. Our deep knowledge of the industry also provides consumer-facing food safety solutions.

What do we mean when we talk about the food supply chain?

Step 1: Source/Grower

Step 2: Raw food is sent from the source to a Processor for transformation

Step 3: Transformed food moves to a Distribution Center or other storage facility

Step 4: Delivered to Restaurants, Groceries, Convenience stores, and other foodservice providers

Step 5: Food is consumed, donated or discarded

Many of the processes for tracking items through these steps are manual and/or labor-intensive with a high potential for errors, jeopardizing the safety of the food and your bottom line. At the retailers, the same holds true for food prep, temperature and task tracking, nutritional labeling, handwashing, and delivery services.

Implementing automation and specially designed intelligent food industry processes and solutions result in:

  • Increased labor efficiency
  • Safer food
  • Sustainable processes
  • Enhanced consumer experience and confidence in all the steps of the supply chain

Explore how Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions can help solve your food industry challenges at each step of the process.


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Restaurants & Stores

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Let's Talk About Food Video Series

Find out how Freshmarx Solutions increase labor efficiency, improve food safety, promote sustainable practices and enhance consumer experiences throughout the food supply chain.

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Freshmarx Ecosystem

Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the food industry supply chain.

  • Freshmarx IOT Devices
  • Freshmarx Software Solutions
  • Freshmarx Stock and Custom Supplies

We can help define your requirements and develop solutions that will ensure your product is safe for consumption, in compliance with regulations and trusted by the consumer.  Avery Dennison can show you how to "future-proof" your operations to quickly and easily adapt to the ever-changing world of the food supply chain.  Learn more about the solutions that make up the Freshmarx Ecosystem.

Freshmarx Analysis

Not sure where to start? Determining the right Freshmarx Solution for your foodservice environment begins with a Freshmarx Freshtrax Analysis. Freshtrax is a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your operations and identify process improvements. Our experts partner with you to examine each step of your everyday processes and operations and work with you to create a plan to:

  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Enable traceability and transparency
  • Ensure food safety
  • Create processes that promote sustainability
  • Enhance consumer experience

Case Studies

Food Donation Made Easy
for a Large Casino in Las Vegas

In the U.S., while 133 billion pounds of food are discarded annually, millions of people struggle with hunger, and one in six American children may not know where their next meal is coming from. These statistics have prompted a growing trend in the foodservice industry to redirect surplus food to the needy and less fortunate. That’s where Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Donation with our partner, Food Donation Connection, has been making a difference with a large gaming resort in Las Vegas.

Avery Dennison Helps Sodexo Capture the Benefits of RFID in New Grab-to-Go Food Services

By using Avery Dennison WaveSafeTM labels, Sodexo was able to maintain a convenient, cashless experience and ensure around-the-clock customer safety while still reaping the benefits of RFID technology.


No Room For Error in the
Healthcare Supply Chain

The healthcare supply chain faces the complex challenges of helping providers, facilities and patients achieve the best outcomes while reducing the potential for error. Avoiding costly and catastrophic consequences is a challenge that can be met with new automated labeling solutions. Take the example of foodservice within a hospital. More than any other sector, food freshness and label accuracy are paramount within the walls of a medical facility.

Can Technology Help Solve the Food Waste Problem?

Complex Food Supply Chains: The Sustainability Challenge

Foodservice providers face many obstacles while trying to navigate the waters of today’s rapidly changing supply chain.  From source to consumer, there is a drive to find the best ways to keep food safe, efficiently and cost-effectively move products, and take into consideration how everything they do effects and is perceived by the consumer.

Tracking Food in the Supply Chain and Why it Matters

Reeling from all the 'leafy green recalls,' pressure is mounting for restaurant operators to better track food in the supply chain.


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