Freshmarx Intelligent
Food Labeling Solutions

Throughout the food industry supply chain, Avery Dennison Freshmarx Solutions harness the power of accurate, shared data to enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience.

The result is a complete suite of solutions, custom-suited to the unique challenges of the food supply chain.

Convenience Foodservice Exchange
Dallas | June 19-20

Avery Dennison is a proud sponsor of Convenience Foodservice Exchange.  With the spotlight on Today's Foodservice Challenges; Tomorrow's Opportunities, attendees will explore answers to top-of-mind market challenges, including:

  • Best practices for traceability and transparency in the food supply chain.
  • How is technology impacting foodservice: mobile apps, payment, advance ordering, delivery, and food safety?

GS1 Connect
Denver | June 19-21

Join us at the GS1 Conference - where companies learn to use GS1 Standards to address their business challenges - not just for today, but for the future

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® 9417+® System

The Freshmarx 9417+ combines dual printers with a touchscreen interface and intuitive Freshmarx® Prep software to provide an all-in-one compact, robust solution for food service environments. The 9417+ System is an automated solution facilitating a wide range of kitchen tasks including food labeling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculations to improve food-safety and kitchen efficiencies.

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® Tablet System

The Freshmarx Tablet System combines the Avery Dennison® 9485 portable printer with an intuitive Freshmarx® Prep software application running on an iPad®. As a flexible and portable solution throughout the kitchen environment, Freshmarx Tablet facilitates a wide range of tasks including food labeling, employee training, and nutritional calculation to improve food safety and kitchen efficiencies.

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® Prep

Freshmarx Prep is a powerful, intuitive food service software application designed for food labeling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculations.  Informed by Freshmarx® Edit, ingredients, menus and recipes are all brand-customized and configurable so updates are centralized and easily and securely pushed across restaurant locations.

Avery Dennison® RFID

Avery Dennison RFID intelligent supply chain solutions enable enhanced outbound and inbound inventory visibility ensuring the most efficient distribution and omni-channel fulfillment process, reducing labor costs and driving velocity to better meet consumer demand. Our RFID solutions have been proven to increase inventory accuracy to 99%+ and reduce waste by around 20% across the food industry, improving safety due to increased visibility of use-by dates. As a global leader in Radio Frequency Identification, Avery Dennison has more than 800 patents and applications to help with supply chain management, loss prevention and tracking.

Avery Dennison RFID Blog

The Food Industry and Digital Transformation

On-demand meal delivery services. Omnichannel grocery. Gas Station Gourmet. Food recalls.

Approximately 30% of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. There is not another industry out there that would allow for that level of inefficiency, and it is becoming more complex to service new shopping demands every day. Consumers are looking for fresh food and delivered meals on demand -everywhere - even in gas stations and drug stores. In order to give us all that we want and when we want it, margin pressured grocers, restaurants and convenience stores have to find ways to service these new models, all while managing challenges in labor shortages, food freshness, and food safety.  Read more.

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® Temp Tracker

Freshmarx Temp Tracker is a cloud-based application to automate cold-storage temperature and humidity monitoring. With readings taken and recorded automatically via Freshmarx Sensors inside the devices, temperature data is transmitted between the Sensors and the cloud and data is accessible from Apple, Android and Windows smart devices and Windows PC's. Text and email alerts are pushed when temperatures are out of range, enabling automatic and on-demand reporting for quick response.

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® Task Tracker

Freshmarx Task Tracker is a cloud-based digital checklist application to eliminate paper checklists for tasks such as cleaning, inventory management, food prep and safety, display and promotions and more. Checklist data is digitally stored for data analysis and health code compliance.

Avery Dennison®
FreshMarx® Nutrition

Freshmarx Nutrition leverages the power of ESHA Genesis R&D® Food Formulation Software to ensure data contained on your nutrition labels is accurate and your labels are compliant.

Avery Dennison® FreshMarx®
Food Waste Tracker

Freshmarx Food Waste Tracker System combines the power of the industry-leading Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® 9417+® Labeling System, and a weigh scale and software, to help restaurants measure and analyze food waste, lower inventory costs and minimize waste - all in one easy-to-use application. Food weight is automatically imported from an integrated scale, or the weight or other units of measure can be entered manually.

Avery Dennison® FreshMarx®
Food Donation

Freshmarx Food Donation helps restaurants measure and analyze food waste to lower inventory costs and minimize waste by donating the excess. Donating food using the Freshmarx Food Donation is good for your community and your bottom line:

  • Reduce landfill waste and methane emissions 
  • Help feed food-challenged families 
  • Reduce business cost and increase consumer savings 
  • Improve sales by gaining consumer respect.

Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Delivery

In the food delivery business, customers expect fresh food delivered quickly and accurately according to their order. Freshmarx Delivery enables brand-specific labeling complete with details such as date, time, order and order-personalization along with nutritional, pricing, and promotional content like coupons. Freshmarx Delivery labeling not only ensures order accuracy, it's tamper-evident to ensure food safety.

Avery Dennison® FreshMarx®
Handheld Labelers

Freshmarx Handheld Labelers provide a fast, semi-automated solution for clear and efficient date coding, nutrition and price labeling, enabling greater food safety compliance and more efficient price marking tasks.

Avery Dennison® Freshmarx®
Supplies Solutions

Accurate food labeling is central to food safety compliance,but it's also critical for food retailers committed to quality, traceability, and consumer confidence. Our range of stock and custom innovative freshness, nutritional, promotional, dissolvable, durable and high-heat food labeling solutions improve speed, accuracy, and productivity throughout the global food supply chain while informing customers.

Avery Dennison Freshtrax Analysis

Determining the right Freshmarx Solution for your food service environment begins with the Avery Dennison® Freshtrax Analysis

Freshtrax is a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your date coding operations and identify process improvements to ensure greater food safety for your kitchen, while also reducing costs. Our experts partner with you to examine each step of your everyday labeling processes and operations, and work with you to create a plan to:

  • Ensure food labeling compliance 
  • Standardize and streamline processes 
  • Improve efficiency


5 Tips for Leveraging Technology in the Supply Chain

Your organization’s supply chain is constantly adapting to new challenges.

Waste in the supply chain is one common challenge. Roughly one-third of the food produced worldwide—approximately 1.3 billion tons—is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In the U.S. alone, that amounts to $25 billion lost each year, according to ReFED, a non-profit dedicated to reducing food waste.

Smart Labels Expected to Soar Globally by 2020

So-called “smart labels,” those with Radio Frequency Tracking Identification (RFID), are pointing the way toward smart infrastructure—with the global market projected to reach $24.5 billion by 2020, according to The Statistic Portal, a leading provider of market and consumer data. Regardless of what they’re selling—food, clothing or something else—retailers are investing in tracking inventory.

Featured in
Modern Restaurant Management:

Turning Wasted Food Into Opportunity
American restaurants throw away 85% of their unused food; only 1.4% is donated. The biggest barriers? The logistics of food donation, including transporting it (or arranging for pick-up) and ensuring food is held properly so it doesn’t spoil after it leaves your restaurant.

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You're Wasting Food, But Do You Know
How Much?

With slim profit margins, restaurant operators would like to think their inventory is so carefully ordered, there’s little to no waste. The statistics tell a different story.  Find out more.

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Taking the Pulse on Your Restaurant: Red-Hot or Lackluster?
Find out how automation can help kitchens with these customer service problems:

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The Shelby Report:

Avery Dennison Can Help Grocers Ensure Accuracy, Safety
RFID technology is the most cost-effective and efficient way to create traceability from farm to fork.  

Featured in Progressive Grocer: 

The Case for Tech-Driven Transparency 
Food safety, labor issues, consumer trust and profit for your business. Learn how a suite of date coding, nutrition, donate and waste, tracking and RFID solutions, including hardware, software applications, labels and service, can help you manage and meet those priorities – not just juggle them.

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What's Weighing You Down?
Find out how automation can help kitchens with these customer service problems:

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Food Operations Solutions
Avery Dennison is solving food supply chain and operational issues for convenience stores by introducing innovative products under its growing Freshmarx brand.

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This Is How Restaurants Can Ensure Critical Tasks Are Done Every Time 
Routine tasks, like monitoring food temperature, cleaning customer areas, and more, can make or break a food service establishment. Automating some of those tasks can not only reduce food costs, but also address the growing labor shortage in the hospitality industry. Products like Avery Dennison’s FreshMarx® Temp Tracker and Task Tracker help to make those “must dos” more manageable.

Featured in FSR Magazine: 

Want to Serve Food Fast? Don't Hand Label Prepared Foods
If you’re a chain establishment with more than 20 locations, you’re already putting calorie counts in your menus to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent labeling requirements, but these convenience foods require labeling as well. The frequent rotation of items has some operators hand-labeling prepared foods.

It’s a short-term fix that’s a bad idea. Find out why.

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This Strategy Solves Restaurants’ Biggest Supply Chain Challenges 
Food traceability is a major concern for quick service restaurants.  Supply chains are increasingly complex and customers want more information about where their food is coming from and what ingredients and chemicals are in the foods they consume. Ryan Yost, general manager of the Printer Solutions division at Avery Dennison, discusses how implementing RFID is positioned to solve many of these supply chain dilemmas.

Featured in Modern Restaurant Management

Integrated Solutions are Revolutionizing Food Management 
Restaurants are caught in a perfect storm of food safety and labor challenges. Dr. Bill Hardgrave, provost and senior vice president of Auburn University and Avery Dennison Printer Solutions General Manager Ryan Yost talks about how our FreshMarx® solutions provide restaurants with everything they need to improve data accuracy, reduce food waste, ensure compliance, save on labor and increase customer satisfaction. 

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Food Safety - Are You On Top of It?
Food safety continues to be very important among the food industry including convenience stores. Check out this article to find ways to prevent food safety issues.

Featured in QSR Magazine:

How Temperature Tracking Can Prevent a Restaurant's 'Worst Nightmare' 
Equipment malfunctions affecting food temperature cause operators grief and beckon big losses. Ryan Yost, general manager of the Printer Solutions division at Avery Dennison, relates the story of how an operator of a top quick-service chain in the Southeast solved this problem by installing an automated cold-storage temperature monitoring system.

Featured in Total Food Service:

Intelligent Automated Processes are a No-Brainer for Food Industry
The food industry—regardless of which sector—is becoming increasingly complex. Compliance issues are at the forefront when it comes to food safety, labeling, nutrition information and more.

The demands, often overwhelming, require a lot of legwork, leaving operators struggling to find time for everything else—from managing employees to maximizing profits. What if a large portion of the things on your to-do list could be solved with automated processes?

Featured in Modern Restaurant Management:

Three Things Operators Overlook When it Comes to Food Safety
Ryan Yost, general manager of the Printer Solutions reveals the top three things to consider when it comes to refrigeration and food spoilage.

Case Studies

Major Quick Serve Restaurant
RFID Case Labeling
452KB (PDF)

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk
Food Inventory Management
437KB (PDF)

University Foodservice
Freshness Labeling
193KB (PDF)

La Soupe
Food Inventory Management
1.2MB (PDF)

THR Subway Franchise
Food Safety Labeling Management
381KB (PDF)

Revolutionizing Food Safety and Nutritional Labeling
1.2MB (PDF)

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