Monarch Intelligent Logistics Solutions for the Distribution Center

Optimizations to the First Mile have a downstream payoff

It’s typical for logistical companies to experience unpredictable delays in the First Mile as well as face tight order fulfilment requirements.  To play it safe, they hold unnecessarily high levels of stock in case of unforeseen demand. 

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Inefficiencies in the First Mile have a domino effect.  Take a walk through our virtual supply chain to learn more about how our Monarch Intelligent Logistics Solutions can help with your First Mile challenges:
  • Inefficient routing 
  • Unpredictable delays
  • Inventory holding costs
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Truckload Optimizations
  • Sustainability measures
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Monarch Logistics Solutions help connect the supply chain from the manufacturing, where connectivity starts, through the DC, all the way to store or a home/business. 
To find out more, watch this video highlighting our solutions for the Distribution Center.

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Truckload & routing optimization

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Truckload & routing optimization

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Deliver right product to right place at right time


Quick accurate inbound inventory verficiation

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