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Supply Chains are Going Green

Sustainable Measures
in the Supply Chain

Sustainability measures can be improved in every direction you look from source to distribution and beyond. Logistical organizations are integrating sustainability efforts into their overall strategy and processes in efforts to keep the environment Green. Sustainable business practices not only help the environment, but also improve efficiencies, reduce waste, improve social relations and much more. 

Addressing the Sustainability Focus 

Our Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions play a critical role in the supply chain, with every improvement making a meaningful difference.  With our solutions, you can work towards maximizing truck load optimization, minimizing volume of trucks on the road, reducing unnecessary waste, optimizing processes and resources, selecting eco-friendly supply, and much more.  

Avery Dennison is working towards a greener and cleaner planet by using fewer resources, generating less waste, and developing solutions that work toward sustainable progress. By working to achieve our sustainability goals, we are helping our customers and their respective industries meet their needs in a world in which environmental and social responsibility are increasingly important.

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Avery Dennison - A Sustainable Company

We not only help our customers develop and implement sustainable processes, but we’re also integrating our sustainability goals within all our operations and engaging employees at all levels.  Across the company, we’re harnessing our core strengths, applying to sustainability the same creativity, determination and passion for problem-solving that we bring to our customers.

By 2025, we have pledged to:

  1. Deliver innovations that advance the circular economy

  2. Reduce environmental impact in our operations and supply chain

  3. Be a force for good, adding value for all our stakeholders

Our efforts have already brought about progress as we have recently ranked #72 on Barron’s first list of 100 Most Sustainable Companies.

We know what it takes to set and meet sustainability goals.  You can trust Avery Dennison to help you find the best solutions for making your business more sustainable while also helping you become more efficient and profitable.  We don’t just talk to the talk...we walk the walk.


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