Avery Dennison Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions for Manufacturing

Complete inventory accuracy and traceability begins at the manufacturer. 

In today's supply chain, brands and suppliers are constantly looking for solutions to enable full traceability and transparency to enable:

  • Outbound Inventory Accuracy

  • Truckload Optimization

  • Labeling Efficiencies

  • Sustainable Operations

  • Outbound Routing Velocity

Automated data capture and supply chain traceability start by creating and applying a serialized 2D barcode with a globally unique identifier and/or an RFID label at the point of packing.  The information contained on the label is scanned into a manufacturer’s ERP system or a distributed storage system such as blockchain or cloud-based system. This data typically consists of product information such as origin of materials.  

Using a distributed storage system to record item and case labeling information enables transparency to all supply chain partners and the consumer.  Item tracking with information such as lot and location on items, cases, and pallets helps enable supply chain visibility and transparency for consumers. These labels can be created on-demand or can be pre-printed and applied when needed.

Avery Dennison helps enable traceability and transparency by assessing supply chain needs and working with manufacturers to determine the optimal mix of solutions that are right for their business.

Check out our solutions below designed specifically for manufacturers.

Supply Chain Solutions


  • Item source tagging/labeling (including origin, assembly date, make-up)
  • Item, Carton, and Pallet Labeling
  • RFID encoding and tagging
  • Automated RFID data capture to increase traceability
  • Empowering item-level visibility to enable ecommerce capabilities
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • Compliance with standards for traceability (hazardous materials)


Avery Dennison Tabletop Printer (ADTP) - Fastest, most accurate way to encode and print RFID labels and barcode labels on demand.

EcoCut Printer - Uses one continuous label roll in combination with a proprietary innovative cutter allowing users to produce variable length logistics labels, on demand.

Pathfinder – Mobile handheld device to quickly and accurately scan goods, capture product data, print and apply labels to packages.

Pathfinder with RFID - Mobile handheld device to quickly and accurately scan goods, capture product data, RFID encode label, print and apply labels to packages.

RFID Tunnel – Capture virtually 100% read rates at item-level on cartons passed through the tunnel during shipping and receiving.

RFID High Density Read Chamber - A self-contained structure that reads substantially all RFID tagged items within a carton. The concentrated power density removes the risk of cross-reads

RFID Read Points - undermount readers, overhead readers,
dock door readers

RFID for RTI - RFID implementation into your RTI system enables full asset tracking and visibility.

Monarch Handheld Solutions – Mobile solutions for tagging/attaching individual items.

Complimentary Analysis

Not sure where to start? Determining the right solutions for your business begins with our free Supply Chain Analysis. We provide a complimentary analysis where our consultants review your operations and identify process improvements. Our experts partner with you to examine each step of your processes and operations and work with you to create a plan to:

  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Enable inventory traceability and transparency
  • Accelerate Routing Speed 
  • Optimize Truck Load Weight and Volume
  • Create processes that promote sustainability

Explore how Avery Dennison’s end-to-end Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions
can help solve your supply chain challenges at each step of the process.

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