Avery Dennison's Suite of Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions

Optimizing logistical operations to help supply chains enhance labor efficiency, maximize truck load optimization, increase routing velocity, and improve sustainability measures, ultimately empowering success in this ever-changing landscape.

With a combination of IoT Devices, Applications, Identification Solutions, and Best-in-Class Services, our full suite of Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions is designed to:

  • Increase Labor Efficiency

  • Heighten Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

  • Accelerate Speed of overall product movement 

  • Maximize Truck Load and Routing Optimization

  • Improve Sustainability Measures


Explore how Avery Dennison’s end-to-end Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions can help solve your supply chain challenges at each
step of the process.


Inventory traceability starts here

First Mile Logistics
Truck Load and Routing Optimization

Distribution Center
Maximize sorting

Fulfillment Logistics
Truck Load and Routing Optimization

Right product to right place at right time

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