Avery Dennison Identification Solutions
Print and Apply Printers

Built for identification

High or low application speeds, small or wide labels, wet or dry environments, Avery Dennison's Print-and-Apply solutions adhere identification labels precisely where you need them at top speeds right on your manufacturing line. A mix of hardware, software, and consumables, our cost-effective and reliable manufacturing solutions are designed to meet–and exceed–all of your product identification requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Automation through NOVEXX Solutions 
  • High or low volumes
  • 24/7 production
  • Flexible top and side labeling
  • Range product label positions
NOVEXX Print and ally solution

NOVEXX Solutions

As North America’s largest integrator of NOVEXX Solutions, Avery Dennison offers reliable, modern labeling systems for any of your Print-and-Apply needs. Novexx models deliver the highest standards for product labeling and identification, as well as supply chain and logistic requirements demanded by today’s competitive landscape.

Avery Dennison ALX 734/5/6

Ideal for high-demand production lines, the Avery Dennison ALX 734/5/6 costs up to 50% less than competitive solutions, bringing a significant boost to your R.O.I. Other benefits include:

  • Increased uptime with easy integration into existing systems
  • Accommodation of large label and ribbon rolls
  • Modular parts for quick maintenance
  • Tandem function and easy-to-use controls
  • Enhanced productivity with high print-and-apply speeds of up to 400 labels/min (50 m/min)
ALX 734/5/6 Print and ally solutios
ALX 924/5/6 Print and ally solution

Avery Dennison ALX 924/5/6

The perfect solution for industrial use, the Avery Dennison ALX 924/5/6 delivers maximum print speed of 400 mm/s and a quality resolution of 300 DPI. The innovative ALX 924/5/6 can label your products in a 1:1 mode for greater speed and flexibility:

While printing and dispensing one label, the system prepares data for the next label, ensuring seamless printing even when print content changes. Plus, its multi-language display, ribbon-saving mechanism, easy-to-replace printhead, and application-linked applicators (LA-TO, LA-BO, LA-SO) means it’s as user-friendly as it is productive.

Printer Labels, Tags, and Ribbons

Regardless of your need or budget, Avery Dennison Identification Solutions offers everything from premium custom hang tags and jewelry labels to low-cost work-in-process and shelf labels to scuff-resistant carton shipping labels that can withstand even the toughest environments.

Manufacturing Solutions

Rev up your supply chain with our innovative manufacturing labeling solutions. They help you facilitate fast and accurate production, routing, and delivery to improve the value of your products. 

Logistics Solutions

Close-up of text on a apparel price ticket

Avery Dennison Identification Solutions connects virtual information to the physical world with a range of time and money-saving labeling, marking, tagging, and RFID solutions that help businesses manage items from receipt to dispatch.

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