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Monarch® Handheld Labelers

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One of the most popular retail labeling solutions on the market, Avery Dennison® Monarch® Handheld Labeling Systems deliver easy-to-read pricing, tracking, promotional, and date-coding labels for the retail and food industries.

All of our labelers are made in the USA from heavy-duty ABS plastic, and are drop-tested to ensure they’ll last for decades. Each one comes with a one-year warranty and we provide a 48-hour turnaround on most labeler repairs. Most take 75% less time to load labels and 97% less time to change ink rollers than other labelers on the market. And, they feature an exclusive design, including open and accessible inner cavity for clearing jams, and a portrait feed that allows for part-gum applications.

California Proposition 65

Avery Dennison® Monarch® Barcode Printers and Handheld Labelers, effective August 31, 2018.

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including but not limited to: Formaldehyde, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Monarch One-Line Labelers

Monarch 1110 Labeler

Monarch® 1110® Labeler
Pricemark when there's limited label space or while items are still in the carton. At just 9.5 oz. fully loaded, this labeler is lightweight and fast with customers reporting marking 18-item cases in only five seconds.

Monarch 1130 Labeler

Monarch® 1138® Labeler
Grab the attention of your customers with the Monarch 1138’s large, bold print on large format fluorescent labels. Its five positions are perfect to label large volumes of high-turnover, impulse items. Enjoy “2-for” labeling along with underscored cents symbol.

1110 Labeler
Product information

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1138 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch 1130 Labeler

Monarch® 1130® Labeler
Offers second-to-none durability and all the standard features of our one-line price-coding labelers with up to six characters. The Monarch 1130 takes on whatever you throw its way.

Monarch 1131 Labeler


Monarch® 1131® Labeler
Our most popular labeler, the Monarch 1131 can print date codes, prep times, unit-of-measure prices, and prices for multiples, while using up to eight characters. The ideal labeling solution for the food and retail industries.

Monarch® 1156® Labeler
Grab the attention of your customers with the Monarch 1156’s large, bold print on large format fluorescent labels. Its seven positions (two more than the 1138® Promotional Labeler) enable you to print multiple prices, including “2-for” labeling along with underscored cents symbol. 

1130 1131 Labeler
Product information

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1156 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch Two-Line Labeler

Monarch 1115 Labeler

Monarch® 1115® Labeler
Available in several models with a variety of different characters and positions, the Monarch 1115 can handle nearly any price-marking task, including unit or comparison pricing, “was”/“now” labeling, and cost-coding.

Monarch 1136 Labeler

Monarch® 1136® Labeler
Keep track of inventory from the sales floor—including slow-moving or expiring items—with the Monarch 1136. With ample character space–eight positions on each line–this two-line labeler easily accommodates “was”/“now” labeling, with the flexibility to print months, years, units, SKUs, and alpha codes.

Monarch 1155 Labeler

Monarch® 1152® Labeler
"Our most popular food labeler." The Monarch 1152 is similar to the 1151®, but with an additional line of print to display more information for data coding and inventory tracking. With the 1152 you can use up to 19 positions on two lines that enable you to print multiple prices, including “2-for” and “each” labeling on jumbo labels.

1115 Labeler 
Product information

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1135 1136 Labeler
Product information

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1151 1152 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch 1135 Labeler

Monarch® 1135® Labeler
With six positions on each line, the Monarch 1135 is perfect for “was”/“now” labeling, enabling customers to see savings directly on merchandise. It also offers flexible price-marking, as well as valuable on-shelf inventory management.

Monarch 1142

Monarch® 1142® Labeler
Print up to 20 positions on two lines–more characters than the 1135®, 1136®, and 1115®. The Monarch 1142 can accommodate codes, dates, unit pricing, even super-scripted numbers. With its mid-sized labels, you can print virtually anything.

Monarch 1155 Labeler

Monarch® 1155® Labeler 
With even more character spaces than the 1142, the Monarch 1155 can print more detailed codes, dates, and unit pricing. With its large, bold print on large format fluorescent labels, grabbing customers’ attention has never been easier.

1135-1136 Labeler
Product information
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1155 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch Three-Line Labeler

Monarch 1153

Monarch® 1153® Labeler
In a league of its own, the Monarch 1153 accommodates large format printing and large labels, letting you provide ample of information on every item. It features 36 positions – 12 characters per line – for an array of options to manage inventory.

Perfect for shipping and receiving, as well as recording serial numbers in the stockroom or retail floor.

1153 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch 1153

Monarch® 1158® Labeler
This medical tracking labeler features three lines and 36 character positions to create unique number sets and the labels feature two layers of adhesive.

The top layer stays applied to the surface while the top can be removed for a separate application. For example, applying a label to a prescription bottle, and then removing the top layer to apply to the patient's chart.

1158 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch Label Applicator

Monarch 1159

Monarch® 1159® Label Applicator
Featuring BIG, bold pre-printed labels, the easy-to-use 1159 promotional applicator saves time when labeling promotional items with the same information. Ideal for fast-turning inventory.

Takes less time to load label rolls and ink rolls compared to other labelers on the market


1159 Labeler
Product information

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Monarch Handheld Labeler Instructional Videos and Support Documentation

Download manuals, learn how to load your handheld labeler, clear label jams and more.

Monarch Handheld Labelers for Food 

Easy-to-read tracking, promotional, and date-coding Monarch handheld labelers and labels designed especially for food and food operations.

Monarch Handheld Labelers

Benefits of Monarch Labelers:

  • Red “touchpoints” are incorporated throughout the abelers to help guide the user through important tasks such as loading, clearing jams and removing the ink rollers
  • Instructional videos are easily accessed by scanning the QR code conveniently located on the labeler
  • Most labelers take about 75% less time to load labels and roughly 97% less time to change ink rollers than other similar labelers of the market
  • Made in the USA from practically indestructible ABS plastic and drop tested to ensure they’ll last for decades
  • All of our labelers are covered by a one-year warranty and we also offer 48-hour turnaround repairs on all labelers
Monarch Handheld Labels

Benefits of Using Monarch Labels:

  • More labels on a roll which means less changeovers
  • Bright white labels that stay white - no yellowing
  • True bright fluorescent paper colors

  • Largest selection of stock and custom supplies

  • Largest selection of label materials

  • Digital printing options - consecutive numbering, photographic imaging and barcodes

  • Fastest ink dry times

  • 1 year warranty on supplies

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