Monarch Handheld Labelers for Freshmarx

Eliminate the need to handwrite dates and ingredients by choosing a Monarch Handheld Labeler that clearly and efficiently prints your required information. These mechanical labelers provide the convenience of mobile printing. Print labels in any environment throughout the food supply chain, from the farm all the way to the restaurant/grocery store. Printing on the go allows your operations to boost productivity as you’ll be able to quickly apply identification at the time of pick, pack or put away while providing increased legibility over handwritten solutions. Food labels should be easy to read, clear and concise, and the handheld labeler does that in one easy step.

Handheld labelers and labels are a good choice when you need to track:

  • Lot codes
  • PLU codes
  • Country of Origin / Field Location
  • Prep/pull dates and times
  • Product rotation 
  • Ingredients

Instructional videos and support

Download manuals, learn how to load your handheld labeler, clear label jams and more.

Label applicators and supplies

Label Applicators

Label Applicators
Label promotional products faster and ship items with distinction.

  • Monarch® 1159® Label Applicator 
  • EasyTouch™ Label Applicator 
  • Scooter® Label Applicator
Monarch Handheld Labeler Supplies

Handheld Labeler Supplies
Find the right supplies for your handheld labeler in any size, shape, or color.
Whether you have uniquely shaped merchandise or want to customize messaging or add a logo, we have the largest selection of authentic Monarch stock, custom labels, and security labels with a leadtime that’s unmatched in the industry.  

Work in Progress Product Support
Our experts are by your side long after you’ve found a solution. Whether you need manuals, tech tips, or just have a quick question, we’re here to help.

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