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Our integrated pricing solutions are designed to create peace of mind when it comes to the customer’s “moment of truth,” while reducing the complexity and time spent on promotional marking for greater efficiency, accuracy and increased margins.


Price Management

Avery Dennison offers a selection of integrated price management solutions designed to boost markdown productivity. Our mobile printers reduce the complexity and time spent on markdowns for greater efficiency and accuracy, while driving increased margins. They also enable omnichannel cross-selling activities and some connect seamlessly to in-house smart devices.

Mobile Printer Supplies
Make sure you have all the pricing and marking solutions you need to make the most of your handheld printers.


Improve your store labeling and tagging processes with a free process analysis

Avery Dennison offers a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your labeling and tagging methods to identify process improvements.  Our analysis will inform ways to decrease complexity and time spent on labeling and tagging, and recommend alternative methods  for greater efficiency and accuracy, while driving increased margins, reducing costs and improving brand equity.

Returns Desk

Our comprehensive offering of in-store tag and label replacement solutions equalizes the “look and feel” of re-ticketed merchandise in your store: handwritten tags can sometimes making the item less desirable. A crisp, printed tag that looks just like it was printed at source lets the customer know you carry quality merchandise.

We can help you:

  • Simplify your replacement tag process
  • Re-ticket your items immediately
  • Keep your products on the shelf, to sell
  • Improve the desirability of the product for the consumer
  • Eliminate illegible handwritten tags and labels

Loss Prevention

As retail theft evolves from a crime of individual shoplifters and employees to organized retail crime rings, loss prevention has become a growing concern for retail businesses around the world. Avery Dennison is committed to supporting your loss prevention efforts with solutions ranging from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and bar code - enabled supply chain visibility to in-store, tamper-evident labeling solutions. Call us today for your customized analysis to determine the solution that best meets your needs.

Carton/Pallet Labeling

High quality scannable shipping labels are an absolute requirement when moving items from store to store. Poor quality bar codes result in incorrectly routed products that result in lost time, productivity and profits.  Our carton labeling solutions include a full line of mobile and tabletop printers, mobile workstations, supplies and ribbons.  Whether the application calls for RFID capability or traditional bar code labeling, we have the solution to help our customers meet their critical shipping needs.

RFID Item Identification and
Inventory Accuracy

With today’s omnichannel retail landscape, it comes as no surprise that more than 50% of leading brands and retailers are assessing, testing or adopting RFID due to its strong business case according to Auburn University. As shopping demands continue to shift, consumers expect to be able to purchase products across multiple channels whether that be in-store, online or on a mobile device. 

This presents a complex opportunity for retailers to have clear visibility of their inventory at all times to enable them to meet consumer expectations. To keep up with these changing demands retailers need to have accurate visibility of stock to maximize the productivity of their inventory and enable the sale to be made irrelevant of where and when the consumer makes that purchasing decision. 

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Shelf Labeling

Quickly and easily create shelf labels on the fly with our mobile printing solutions.  

Swiftach® Fastening System:
Maximum Speed and Safety

The first of its kind, Swiftach® tools feature an innovative, unexposed, and retractable needle that ensures almost zero contact with needle tips when attaching brand messaging, price, size, or other product tags, or during needle replacement. These hard-working handheld fasteners also boast a non-slip grip and come available in standard and fine fabric versions.

Case Studies

Leading Men's Suit Retailer:
Pathfinder + Smart Device =
Increased Productivity

In-Store Markdowns
448KB (PDF)

Apparel Retailer:
Faster Markdowns using
Pathfinders v. Handheld Labelers
In-Store Markdowns
470KB (PDF)

Apparel Retailer:
Quick and Easy Tagging with 9419

In-Store Tagging
448KB (PDF)

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