Why Bar Code?

A barcode system helps ensure you have the right merchandise going to the right place with the right price at the right time

Using bar codes facilitates accurate, quick and easy processes to:

  • Track lost shipments
  • Resolve receipts vs. invoice discrepancies
  • Determine  where your goods are located at any point in the supply chain
  • Track out-of-stock items
  • Eliminate  time-consuming paperwork
Avery Dennison Barcode Solutions

Key Benefits of Bar Code Technology

Fast and reliable data collection.  Bar code scanning is 5-7* times faster than manual data entry and is much more accurate.  Consider this:  Keyboard data entry creates an average of 1 error in 300 keystrokes.*  Bar code data entry has an error rate of 1 in 4.5 million.**

Reduced cost.  When Avery Dennison provides labeling process analytics, bar code technology increases productivity to such a level that labor savings alone can often pay for the cost of the data collection system.  By reducing inaccurate shipments, you save money on returned orders.

Improved product flow.  Using a bar code system gives you better insight into how your products are moving through the supply chain.  You get your products to your customers when and where they need it.

Reduced order and invoice discrepancies.  Facilitating electronic transactions via EDI (electronic data interchange) streamlines your ordering process and reduces errors caused by manual order entry.

Increased accuracy.  Implementing bar codes systems for inventory taking is key for increasing productivity and accuracy.

  • Clerks save time by scanning products as they are received, rather than manually checking in each item
  • By scanning bar codes printed on both the pick ticket and pin, shipping clerks increase accuracy by immediately verifying the right product was pulled to fulfill the order
  • Radio frequency (RF) bar code units can electronically send customer orders to warehouse personnel, avoiding the need for printed picking documents. The result?  A streamlined, paperless warehouse.

Avery Dennison Bar Code Solutions

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