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Speed up your supply chain.

Our innovative manufacturing labeling solutions help you facilitate fast and accurate production, routing, and delivery to improve the value of your products. Labeling at the item level extends the reach and power of your brand, while also reducing cycle times and throughput costs, increasing data capture rates, and improving scanning operations. 


We help you label just about everything, from individual parts to custom-labeled containers, with the latest barcode and RFID printers and supplies, enabling accurate information gathering and ensuring no parts are lost along the supply chain.

Improve manufacturing tracking, accuracy and productivity with a free process analysis.

Avery Dennison offers a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your raw material and inventory tracking and compliance labeling methods to identify process improvements. Our analysis will inform methods to improve productivity and accuracy, while driving increased margins, decreasing waste and reducing costs.

Print-and-Apply Solutions

Avery Dennison's Print-and-Apply solutions adhere identification labels precisely where you need them at top speeds right on your manufacturing line. A mix of hardware, software, and consumables, our integrated manufacturing solutions meet–and exceed–your product identification requirements.


Print shipping labels where and when you need them. Scan, receive, print and apply labels that enable immediate cross docking and routing with no further handling:

  • Eliminate back and forth runs to a printer
  • Decrease time the cartons spend in the shipping area waiting for a cross-docking label
  • Increase accuracy and productivity - get the right products in the right truck

Item Identification

Our barcode and RFID solutions help you clearly label items for identification. The result is:

  • Fast and reliable data collection;

  • Cost reduction

  • Product flow performance and accuracy boost

Carton/Pallet Labeling

Offering specialized labeling solutions for tracking and shipping products.

  • No Mar Carton Labeling Solutions: Smudge-proof, scuff-proof, high print quality and moisture-resistant bar code labels suitable for exposure to high friction and humidity

  • EcoCapacity+® Thin Liner Solutions: Compared to “industry standard” 40# liner on thermal supply material, EcoCapacity+ offers significant bottom-line benefits through increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Read more.

  • Durable Labeling Solutions: Perfect for when paper labels fail to hold up to your environment or handling:
    - TuffLabel: low cost, polypropylene-based
    - TuffMark: heat resistant, UL/CSA-approved polyester labels
    - TuffTag: tear and smudge resistant polyolefin tags
  • Packing Slip/Shipping Labeling Solutions: One label does it all. The packing slip combines with the shipping label for single-ship items --no repacking is required. Tuck the information part of the label under the shipping label, seal it, and you’re ready to go. This solution eliminates the cost and hassle of exterior packing slip envelopes.

Hear from our Customers:
Smart Label Solutions

SLS is a provider of hardware, software, and integration solutions to a wide range of DOD and automotive customers.

“The speed and accuracy of our RFID label production improved dramatically when we switched to the ADTP1. We reduced the time to print and encode a 2,300-piece label run from 35 minutes to 10 minutes. The accuracy of our encoded tags went from 95% to greater than 99% when using the ADTP.

No other RFID label printer on the market today comes close to the speed and encode reliability of the ADTP1.”

Jeff Hudson, President, Smart Label Solutions

As experienced by end users. Independent results may vary.

Value-Added Services

When a store in one country receives garments from a store in another, pricing needs to be adjusted to reflect the correct currency. Our Value-Added Services ensure items in your distribution channel arrive at the retail location correctly marked, tagged, and labeled so they’re point-of-sale ready.

Value Added

Bar Code and RFID Solutions

Why Bar Code? 
Using a bar code system helps ensure you have the right merchandise in the right place at the right time.

Is RFID Right for You?
Improve inventory management and loss prevention while increasing speed, accuracy, visibility, productivity and margins.

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