Adhesive Types
Food Labeling Solutions

Labels Won’t Fall Off Containers

Freezer safe, permanent adhesive that’s difficult to remove. Ideal for use on disposable container, portion bags or disposable boxes.

Date Code Labels Won’t Peel or Dissolve When Switched Between Temperatures

Water and tear resistant. Works well in cold or warm temperatures. Use when labels are exposed to wet or moist environments.

No Residue Build Up 

Labels stick securely yet are easily removed with minimal or no adhesive residue, which can lead to cross-contamination.
Not for use in moist environments.


Eliminates Time-Consuming Label Removal 

For pans that are washed and reused. Performs in both cold and warm environments on a variety of containers. Residue free. Labels will completely disintegrate within 30 seconds when submerged in any temperature water. Not suited for high moisture areas.

Basic Rotational Tracking 

Variety of labels, available in multiple languages

  • Circle or square day of the week
  • Large labels for incoming shipments
  • Shelf life
  • Food prep
  • Use by

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