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Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain optimization has never been more important. Whether products move through the retail or food supply chain, brands and customers now demand visibility into where products have been, where they’re going and their condition when they arrive at their final destinations. At Avery Dennison Identification Solution’s Innovation Center in Miamisburg, Ohio, end to end supply chain innovations can be experienced through simulated demonstrations to showcase how our solutions enable provenance and traceability, productivity, labor optimization, automation, food safety, and sustainability.


The Food Supply Chain: It’s all about Traceability and Transparency

Traceability and transparency are imperative in foodservice: food manufacturers, food processors, distribution centers, restaurants, convenience stores, and groceries. RFID labeling food at source is the most powerful way to ensure safety and accuracy within the supply chain. Our solutions integrate into blockchain methodology to create a truly transparent supply chain to provide peace of mind that food is fresh and safe, from farm to fork. Back-of-house solutions have evolved rapidly from handwritten food prep labels and paper checklists. With Freshmarx Intelligent Food Industry Solutions, best practices for inventory tracking, food prep, nutritional labeling, donate and waste, temp and task tracking and more are demonstrated through automation. You’ll learn about labels that can dissolve in water, withstand high heat and boiling and help make your delivery program safe for your customers.

Retail Supply Chain: It’s all about Visibility

Omni-channel fulfillment in distribution centers and store-centric fulfillment are the new reality for many stores so it’s even more important to know what you have and where you have it. Just like the food supply chain, a truly optimized retail supply chain starts with RFID labeling at the manufacturing source. Our Monarch Intelligent Retail Solutions demonstrate how source labeling helps facilitate fast and accurate production, routing, and delivery to improve the value of your products. Labeling at the item level extends the reach and power for brands, while also reducing cycle times and throughput costs, increasing data capture rates, and improving scanning operations. In the store, Avery Dennison’s integrated pricing solutions are designed to create a positive user experience when it comes to the customer’s “moment of truth,” while reducing the complexity and time spent on promotional marking for greater efficiency, accuracy, and increased margins. Experience demonstrations highlighting the power of RFID item-level labeling on the retail floor, and experience proprietary promotional pricing solutions you can only get from Avery Dennison.

It's all about the journey

Our tours are all about taking you on a journey to explore possibilities for solving YOUR business challenges. At the conclusion of your tour, we want you to walk away with the knowledge that partnering with Avery Dennison, we’ll achieve solutions that are: Innovative. Unique and differentiated ideas, products and thinking that elevate brands in the global marketplace by delivering improved customer experience. Intelligent. Thoughtful, purpose-built technology, products, processes and systems that accelerate performance intelligently throughout the global retail and food supply chains. Sustainable. Responsible and ingenious solutions that deliver a positive, economic, social and environmental impact. Contact your Avery Dennison sales representative to schedule your ExperienceTour today or call us at 800.543.6650, prompt 3 or email printersolutions@averydennison.com.

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