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Built for Visibility and Accuracy.

Improve inventory management and loss prevention through integrated RFID solutions from source to consumer that increase speed, accuracy, visibility, productivity and margins.


Avery Dennison Monarch ADTP1

The Avery Dennison Monarch Tabletop Printer (ADTP1) is the fastest, most productive RFID printer/encoder in its class. Our breakthrough technology enables you to not only accelerate your performance, but also work more efficiently and intelligently.

Increase productivity, decrease downtime.
Now you can print and encode more than two times faster than ever before, allowing increased high-volume label production as well as cutting and stacking of RFID tags, while providing throughput of 200-300% faster than alternative systems.

Increase profits, decrease vendor chargebacks.
Our exclusive, built-in RFID verifier overstrikes “bad” labels and tags to ensure 100% scannability. Plus, our Barcode Assured™ technology reduces the printing of unreadable barcodes with a patented, fail-safe dot shifting autocorrect feature that also extends print life. 

Use the ADTP1 for:

  • Carton and pallet labeling 
  • Retail compliance 
  • Item-level marking and tracking 
  • Work-in process tracking 
  • Hang tag printing 
  • Asset-tracking
  • Barcode and RFID labeling

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Avery Dennison 9906RFID Printer/Encoder

Create RFID-encoded labels and hangtags in distribution centers and stores with the compact tabletop Avery Dennison® Monarch® 9906RFID printer/encoder. It’s the perfect RFID solution for printing fewer than 10,000 tags or labels per week, whether creating them in batches or on demand.

9906RFID Product Information
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Ultra Reliable UHF RFID Encoding
Ensures labels are programmed quickly and correctly.

Compact, Sleek, and Quiet
Compact design for tight workspaces with low-noise output that won’t disrupt retail environments.

Elevate Brand
Print labels and replacement tags that are indistinguishable from original tags applied at the  manufacturing source. It ensures accurate item replenishment, minimizes out-of-stock situations, and elevates your brand to increase sales.

Decreases Downtime
Unique ribbon-tensioning system means fewer parts, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and inventory operations downtime. 

Data Stream Flexibility
Full range of connectivity options, including RS-232, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and wireless 802.11b/g networking. Material handling options include liner peel, liner take-up, and ticket and tag cutting. 

Energy-Star rated for reduced environmental impact and to save on energy costs.

RFID high density read chamber

Avery Dennison® High-Density
Read Chamber 

Assure virtually 100% RFID read rates in your shipping and receiving processes with a rugged RFID Read Chamber solution ideal for Logistics and Warehouse Applications. 

Confirm Accuracy of Inbound/Outbound RFID Shipments
Isolates cartons being read from surrounding cartons and tags

Verify complicated pick-pack orders
Instant verification of every carton shipped to eliminate shipping errors and related charge-backs

RFID High Density Read Chamber Product Information
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RFID In-Line Tunnel

There’s no need for inventory segregation or shielding with the Avery Dennison® Inline Tunnel 30 (ADILT30). It leverages radio frequency manipulation to create an environment where RFID scanning coexists near RFID-tagged inventory, providing item-level carton scanning on fast-moving conveyors and accurate counts without requiring overreads through inbound/outbound distribution center processes.

In Line Tunnel 30 (ADILT30)
Product Information
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RFID in-line tunnel
Label on car tire


Partnerships with prominent automotive parts suppliers enable us to develop and test the types of RFID labels that make good business sense in the auto industry. Avery Dennison Printer Solutions labels everything–from individual parts to custom-labeled containers–with the latest RFID solutions, enabling accurate information gathering and improved visibility to help prevent parts being lost along the supply chain.

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