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Automating temperature monitoring in your cooler, freezer and other refrigeration devices with Freshmarx solutions helps prevent inventory loss, optimize staff efficiency, and improves customer safety. 

Freshmarx Temp Tracker 
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Freshtrax Analysis
Freshtrax is a complimentary analysis program where our consultants review your operations and identify process improvements to ensure greater food safety for your kitchen, while also reducing costs.

Freshmarx Temp Tracker Solution is a web-hosted application that can be accessed from Apple, Android, and Windows smart devices and Windows PCs.

Operationally, temperatures are checked at designated intervals, and digital records are created allowing for customized, on-demand reports for inspectors and other stakeholders. When a cooler is out of its assigned temperature threshold for a designated timeframe, alerts and notifications are pushed via text/email to designated users, allowing them to quickly respond.  Benefits include:

  • Prevention of inventory loss - alerts to let you know if temperature is out of range

  • Increase operational oversight - 24/7 access to temperature status at all locations

  • Improve operational efficiency - automates manual temp-taking process

  • Ensure customer safety - food stored at proper temperature

  • Predictive maintenance - proactively addresses device issues

  • Save on energy costs - alerts operator to device inefficiencies


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