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Accurate food labeling is central to facilitating regulatory compliance, but is also critical for food retailers committed to quality, traceability, and keeping their consumers safe. Our range of innovative freshness, nutritional, promotional, and informational labeling solutions inform consumers, increase consumer confidence, and improve speed, accuracy, and productivity throughout the global food supply chain. 

Nutritional & Ingredient Labeling Solutions

Nutritional and Ingredients Labeling

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions provides on-demand and fully automated label printing solutions to support your food labeling needs. We help you relay nutrition facts and ingredients on food labels so that consumers can make educated decisions about the food they eat.

New Mandates and Laws

U.S.: Effective July, 2018, a new nutrition facts label format goes into effect. This new mandate requires changes to both detail provided on labels and their layout.

Europe: Effective December 2016, a new law requires food retailers to label certain pre-packaged food onsite with specific nutritional information. Contact your local food inspector for more information.

Nutritional Fact Labels Mandates and Laws

Date Code Labeling

Unlike the manual calculation of food product expiration dates, which is slow and often prone to errors, our FreshMarx 9417+ solution automates date code calculations for consistent food labeling and compliance with food safety and health code regulations.

Food Prep Labeling

To prevent foodborne illness from bacteria such as Listeria, the law requires any opened and prepared food to be labeled with information, including current date and time and expiration date and time. Avery Dennison provides solutions designed to label food when a package is opened (i.e. hot dogs) or when a product is prepared for consumption (i.e. diced onions). Many food operators choose to implement their own food safety (or food quality) standards, which can reflect a stricter discard schedule.

Item Labeling

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions'  item labeling solutions

With an increase in food sensitivities and allergies, in some cases restaurants and retailers providing food services are required to list the ingredients and allergens on certain food items.  The Monarch®
9417+ includes a specific set of formats to support these requirements, including a label that states the allergens in bold.

Carton/Pallet Labeling

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions carton/pallet labeling

The receiving process at most food retailers is currently performed manually, much like inventory management in the foodservice industry. Items are counted and compared to a packing slip with discrepancies noted–if caught, and the date received is handwritten on cartons or labeled with a click-and-stick gun. Avery Dennison Printer Solutions delivers inventory accuracy, shipping, receiving, and sustainable labeling solutions with barcode-printing of the received date on cartons, plus product name and expiration information.

Avery Dennison Monarch Freshmarx 9417

Solution Spotlight: Avery Dennison Monarch® FreshMarx® 9417+

The FreshMarx® 9417+ is a flexible food labeling solution designed to produce legible detailed food labels that comply with food safety standards. Pre-loaded data simplifies food labeling and eliminates mistakes in calculating food expiration dates.

No mistakes means no liabilities.


  • Easier, automatic download when ingredients/nutrition change
  • Simplified method to organize and retrieve label data
  • Flexible batch label printing
  • “End-of-day” mode of expiration at item level
  • Modify how Prep and Use-by data is printed at item level
  • Barcode printing capability
  • Open system for future integration
  • System-ready for track and trace applications
  • Flexible formatting: convert freshness label into receiving label

Monarch® Handheld Labelers

As an industry leader in labeling solutions, Avery Dennison Monarch® click-and-stick labelers provide customers with easy-to-read pricing, tracking, promotional, and date-coding labels for their food and retail business operations.

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